Chicago Rib House @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

We had noticed a new place under renovation in Gurney Plaza some weeks ago, taking over the lot previously occupied by Manila Place. Chicago Rib House, said the banner. Hmmm…doesn’t that name ring a bell?

Well that’s probably because Chicago Rib House used to operate from Juru AutoCity! I had dined there just once and was sad to see them close down their Juru outlet. So it was indeed a welcome surprise to see them here in Gurney Plaza and so much nearer to me! 😛

Since Chicago Rib House’s opening this month, I’ve been there twice. The first time was an impromptu visit hence I didn’t have my camera. Our first visit was pleasant but with some hiccups. To sum it up – ribs were good, fries were cold and waiting time for the food to arrive was waaaayyy too long.

Fortunately, things improved thoroughly during the second visit.

We kicked things off with a House Salad (RM9.90) and from the various dressings available, we chose the Sesame Ginger dressing, which was interesting and delicious. The vegetables were fresh and had a lovely crunch.

And because we ordered 2 main courses, Chicago Rib House is now giving away a free appetizer – Fried Mushrooms. (the servers don’t tell you this though when you order, so we were quite surprised when this arrived on our table!)

The Fried Mushrooms were nicely battered and juicy. Needs to be eaten with the mustard-y dipping sauce for better flavour. 🙂

St Louis Pork Ribs with Fries & Fresh Vegetables

And since we were at  Rib House, we had to order their specialty – ribs!! Their St Louis Pork Ribs is available in two sizes – half or full rack. We choose the half rack Pork ribs (RM30.90) and had the choice of 2 sides dishes (you get to choose from Fragrant Rice, Fries, Mash Potatoes, Fresh Vegetables or Coleslaw)

Chicago Rib House’s pork ribs are basted with their special BBQ sauce. The meat is tender and well marinated. Delicious! Best eaten with your hands 😛

Chicago Rib House Beef Ribs with Mash Potatoes & Fresh Vegetables

Next came their Beef Ribs (RM45.90) And we all unanimously decided that in the battle of Beef Ribs vs Pork Ribs, the beef ribs win! Hands down! It could be just that we prefer the taste of beef. But seriously…. very very good Beef Ribs!!

The meat is almost falling off the bone, and has a slight crisp before giving way to tender scrumptious meat within. If you take beef, you simply must try this!

Oh and I must also mention that I prefer the buttery chunky Mash Potatoes to the fries. The broccoli added much needed fibre to the meal too!


Another thing I like about Chicago Rib House (other than the fact that they serve both pork and beef ribs!) is that they have combo meals for their ribs which allows you to pair the ribs with some other item in the menu such as a steak.

Set lunch also available with a soup of the day and drink.

Service during the second visit was prompt despite the fact that they were nearly full.

Chicago Rib House – finally a new eatery outlet in Gurney Plaza that I’m excited about! Sorry Chilli’s Gurney Plaza, but I think you guys have just got yourselves a huge contender. (thank goodness!) 😛

Chicago Rib House (Next to Dome)

Gurney Plaza

Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang

Tel: 04-2290763



    1. oh i think the usual style of preparation for ribs here is the ‘wet’ style with sauce.
      and the rest of my family are really dainty eaters. i’m the only one who goes in all gung ho and eats with my hands 😛

    1. eh yeah ka? didnt call me also! 😛
      was meeting a friend at winter warmers 🙂
      how did you like the ribs? i like the beef ribs!

  1. I visited the Chicago Ribs branch in Gurney Plaza a couple of days ago and had a terrible experience. The food was up to standard considering the prices we had to pay for it, but the service was horrendous, so to say. Sitting across our table was a family who requested for their bill from a Chinese server by the name of Jason. The server took very long to deliver the bill so when he finally did, the customer uttered some words about the service being slow. To my utmost shock, the server mumbled back a curse word in Hokkien to the customer ! That was not the worst part. About an hour later, when the exact server was walking out, he shouted as if the restaurant was his own house “I am going for a break now, F*uk!’. Every customer was shocked and stared at him in disbelieve. I hope the Manager does something about this, or else people will be too dissatisfied with the service to continue visiting this place.

  2. very very very disapointed with the quality of the ribs and steak … and the servicess … i had a dinner at chicago ribs today 29 nov … my hubby order a full ribs and i order a ribeye steak … i ask for a medium well they send a medium rare and ask me to cut c if i like it , i send back say i want a medium well … after 3 minute they send back againt , same steak but still medium rare, the waitress tell me is medium well and if i don’t like it better i change to well done but i still insist for medium well … this time bout 1 minute waiter send to me againt with same steak but is well done … i try few bite the steak is too dry and over cook .. i ask the waitress who cook the steak ? is chef or kitchen helper she didn’t answer me but give me a look (like i never eat steak before) and tell me next time ofder the RM119 steak ,the answer seem to me is they only know how to cook expensive steak as i only order a RM59.90 steak (not yet plus tax) … i pay my bill and tell her i had eat steak at so many place, hotel and restaurant CHICAGO RIBS is the worst as the staff and chef don’t know what is medium well and medium rare … i guest they only know rare and well done …

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