Ayam Brand Provides 243000 Healthy Bento Box Meals for Charity

Ayam Brand is no stranger to Malaysian households. And this year, via its annual Corporate Social Responsibility program, Ayam Brand has provided 243000 Healthy Bento Box Meals for charity. 2016 is their ninth consecutive year and the Ayam Brand Charity Campaign has benefitted more than 16100 people from 362 charity organizations nationwide. This year, Ayam […]

Kim Tavern @ Sunway Carnival Mall, Seberang Jaya

I do venture to Sunway Carnival Mall occasionally and did not notice any new food outlets, so I was quite surprised when I received an invitation to dine at a new cafe by Taufulou’s friend, via CK. And so a small group of us ventured across the sea (reminds me of  going for a“lawatan sambil […]