Haagen-Dazs Voucher Giveaway & Lingzie’s Tummy Treats Turns 2!

On this day two years ago, Lingzie’s Tummy Treats was born! Check out my very first post here.

Its hard to believe that 2 years have flown by since that fateful day and I still feel like a newbie to blogging! Lots to learn and lots of things to discover still.

Ice cream4

What an adventure its been – interview with Guang Ming Daily, being invited for food reviews, my url being featured in AsiaSpa magazine, answering emails from tourists visiting Penang, contributing to About.com’s Southeast Asia Travel Guide and most of all meeting new friends!

I am truly grateful that you, my dearest readers out there, take time out from your busy schedules, to read and comment on what I have to say.

Ice cream

And so, as a gesture of thanks, Lingzie’s Tummy Treats is giving away THREE Haagen-Dazs vouchers worth RM25 each. All you have to do to be in the running to win these vouchers is drop a comment (for example: what you’d like to see on Lingzie.com etc…) and also sign up for my RSS (if you haven’t already). Closing date is March 1st 2009 11.59pm. Open to all Malaysian residents only as I’m afraid those vouchers are only valid in Malaysia. I will then send out the vouchers to the winners.

Silent ‘stalkers’, time for you to make your voice heard! 🙂

Thank you once again to my readers, the Penang floggers and other bloggers who have been so friendly and supportive, Lee Choo, Ken of FoodPoi, M, my family and friends. Here’s to more good food and merriment!


  1. Hi Lingzie. I enjoy reading your blog. What I’d like to see is an index of your reviews. In other words, instead of having to click on months and categories, I’d be able to get your list of reviewed restaurants in one page.

  2. Congrats Lingzie. I’ve been one of those silent stalkers and avid reader of course. =) A confession i supposed. Well, the blog has been a loyal and free gps for my gf and I for nearly a year. We thank you for that. It all started when am keen to find a good dining place for our 1st date.

    I found it difficult to search some of the old entries. Considering lingzie.com has a large amount of readers and entries by days, it would be more convenient for us to have:
    1) search engine to find entries
    2) archives on months and categories
    3) listing of recommendations from hawker food to restaurants
    4) map location

    Mmm.. what can I ask for more? I’d like to see MORE photos of food! which mean MORE eating places and MORE entries in a month! too much to ask for but keep it coming. thank you.

  3. Hi Lingzie, happy 2nd anniversary to Lingzie’s Tummy Treats! Hmm, I wish to see more recipe from you blog, and also more gathering or baking or cooking event where we can meet together to bake and cook and eat together, share some experience, hehe..what do you think?

    Ah Shui´s last blog post..Mini Chef – Belated Birthday Gift

  4. hi.. lingzie~
    m 1 of ur fans~
    i like lingzie’s tummy treats as all the picture very nice..though m in melaka and it a bit hard to try those food but it was such an enjoyment for me to visit here whn i wish to feed my eye!!i tell all my close friend to visit here since this was so nice..
    congrats and wish lingzie’s tummy treats can hv more and more birthday!!banzai!!!

  5. Happy 2nd anniversary to Lingzie…. Inconjunction i hope my wish to be granted as well. I wish to enjoy more yummilicious and specialty food all over Malaysia via ur blog recommendation. Thank you for all you efforts..

  6. Hi Lingzie,

    Congratulations on the 2nd Anniversary of your food blog. I have been a silent reader of your blog since last year. It’s great to see your blog grow.

    I would like to see some reviews on more affordable restaurants/stalls. I know you do have reviews on affordable nice places, but reviews were on the high end scale. Not many people can afford to eat out in such restaurants all the time.

    A search function would be good too. I find it a bit difficult to find back an old post. For example, tonight, I remember that you did talk about Sawara, but I can’t recall when was that entry. If you add a search function, I believe that it would be easier for us to locate older posts when we thought of dining at that particular place especially after remembering that you have reviewed it before.

    Thanks and congratulations again. May your blog continues to grow and bring in more reviews for us, readers and food lovers, to check it out too.


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