The Sire Museum Restaurant @ King Street, Penang

I couldn’t resist deviating from my China Gourmet Tour Series yet again, to blog about this exciting new place in town!

Located along King Street (opposite the new Great Eastern building and across the road from Dewan Sri Pinang) is this elegant, charming restaurant serving ‘the best of Old & New World Cuisine’. The name itself ‘Sire’ lulls one into reminiscing of the old English days when one with power and authority were addressed as such.

I immediately fell in love with the interior. High ceilings all done up in white giving it an airy spacious feeling. Dotted with blossoms and blossoms of flowers, framed artwork and stained glass.

Sire Interior Collage

Looking at its simple white facade, one couldn’t possibly have guessed the treasures it holds within its deep enclaves. As I moved around in the restaurant snapping photos, I was invited to have a look upstairs. They have a small little mezzanine floor which holds a few tables. Thinking I had seen it all, I was puzzled about the invitation. But I looked up from the mezzanine and discovered another flight of stairs… and that started my journey through the Museum part of the restaurant. I found my way up tiny staircases, revealing rooms which held old antiques and letters. And came down spiral staircases to old grand pianos, a water feature and large airy living rooms. Enthralled by its beauty, I was told that this was the first house the late tycoon Yeap Chor Ee stayed in. And all these antiques belonged to him and his family.

Sire Museum collage

*Collages inspired by this post 🙂 My first time trying my hand at making collages too!

After exploring the place, I hastily returned to my seat, not wanting to miss capturing photos of…the food!

Sire salad

I excitedly told the rest of my family about the hidden treasures of this place, as I dug into the complimentary salad and garlic tomato loaf (which almost disappeared by the time I returned)

Sire garlic tomato bread

We ordered a portion of mushroom soup (RM10.80) to share. It was not the best mushroom soups I’ve tried, but still passable.

Sire mushroom soup

Shortly after that came our mains… the Teriyaki Salmon (RM40.80) came first. And as I took photos of it, wafts of fragrant teriyaki tickled and taunted my nostrils…

Sire Teriyaki Salmon

While my Poached Caramlized Snapper (RM29.80) was light and pleasant on the palate. The snapper is also a healthy alternative with just a little oil from the side vegetables and a small portion of mashed potatoes.

Sire Poached Snapper

Then came the ‘heavyweights’ – the Sizzling Tenderloin (RM35.50). Tender and flavorful, although my dad did find it a bit too salty for his liking.

Sire Sizzling Tenderloin

The Lamb Shank (RM49.80) came looking very impressive. And the taste did not disappoint.

Sire Lamb Shank

Finally, came the ‘star’ of the meal – the Black Angus Rib Eye Steak which costs a hefty RM105.80! I have never had beef this pricey, save for Kobe beef. Therefore, I was curious how this dish would taste. The meat had a lovely buttery taste to it, smooth and tender.

Sire Rib Eye Steak

Then came the part of the meal I always look forward to the most… the dessert! The complimentary dessert that comes with every order of a main course is a scoop of ice cream.

Sire Ice Cream

We ordered an additional Walnut Brownie (RM12.80). It came out warm, chocolate-y and moist. Yum!

Sire Walnut Brownie

Overall, we found the food satisfactory. But I definitely loved the ambience of the place.

The people behind The Sire also operates Ferringhi Garden.The Sire is currently having its opening special until 21st June 2008 where you will get complimentary garlic & tomato bread (freshly baked too!), appetizer, dessert of the day and coffer or tea with every order of a main course.

The Sire Museum Restaurant located at 4 King Street, 10200 Penang. T: 04-264 5088, 04-263 4359.


  1. aiya, i just try it last week, thought wan2 put on my blog alr, who knows u always the fastest… Anyway, support u always.

  2. nkotb – hehe cklam was actually faster than me! i finished posting d, already saw their post! lol!

    weijie – yeah it is a nice place! lovely addition to the penang fine dining scene.

    kenny – eh i’m sure KL got lots more places like this… but isn’t the grass always greener on the other side? 🙂

    what2see – thank you! it took quite a bit of time, mainly because i wasn’t familiar with how to do it. this is just a very amateur trial and error collage! lol

    lots of cravings – thanks! now that you mentioned it…it is quite true…collages seem to be the In thing!

    email2me – it does look similar to E&O hotel’s style right? the whole time i was there i thought, this would be a lovely place for a wedding photography shoot! haha!

    jie wei – you should still blog about it! different ppl different experience mah! and most importantly, different food! 🙂 what’s your blog link, by the way?

  3. Hi guys, great that you like the place… All thanks to the great man himself, Yeap Chor Ee – my great, great grandfather 😉

    We are currently in the middle of finding even more photos of relatives both distant and close, to put up in the museum.

    Please give the staff your feedback any time.

    Thanks 😀

  4. Very nicely done!. I’ll bring dad and mum to try it out. If I saw it earlier would have brought them for mum’s or dad’s birthday. Just need to look for another excuse.

  5. Altho the ambience is very nice, the food was pretty bad. Ordered chicken sandwich which came burnt, seafood soup which was filled with nothing but lemon grass and seafood pasta which was not any better than any fast food outlet. Seriously, something ought to be done on the food quality.

  6. Ambiance is good but food is so so. We had a reservation at 6.30pm but when we went in, noone asked if we had reservation so we just sat at one of the tables. About 7pm, someone called us and was very rude, we told them that we were already in the restaurant. She didn’t even apologized and just put down the phone.

    When we asked if they have any customer feedback form, one waiter talked to another and said they didn’t have it. Sigh…

  7. i have been there yesterday night, such a beautiful place, the foods is very nice, expecially these antiques, is a very very good collection…i like it so muchhhh…i also collect some antiques, but jus a few items.

  8. i have been there yesterday night, such a beautiful place, the foods is very nice, expecially these antiques, is a very very good collection…i like it so muchhhh…i also collect some antiques, but jus a few items.

  9. I frequent the Sire almost once every 2 months. The service now is excellent and the staffs are accommodating.

    1. hi qs, yes they dont allow photography of the museum part now. i was lucky i went when they first opened, so there was no prohibition then.

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