CRES Wellness Total Woman’s Treatment Spa Now Open at Gurney Paragon Penang!

Now while most of us would be familiar with the skin care brand Cellnique (one of the largest Paramedical skincare brand in Asia), we may not be so familiar with CRES Wellness.


Β CRES @ Gurney Paragon, Level 3 (Gurney Drive side)


CRES is the flagship boutique of Cellnique which offers state of the art personalized therapy for women. CRES stands for Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication

CRES has 9 outlets mainly in KL, Melaka and Johor. And they have now opened their 10th outlet in the northern region of Malaysia. Located at Gurney Paragon, this new outlet brings the CRES experience to Penangites.


Skin Analysis machine

I was fortunate enough to be invited to try out one of their signature facial treatments – the Ultra Rejuvenation Crystallinear Therapy which promises to:-

– Refine Pores

– Whiten and lighten spots

– Remove fine lines and wrinkles

– Hydrate, calm and refresh skin

– Reduce eye bags and eye puffiness

– Instantly lift face (sharper and thinner face)

– Ultra smooth and radiant complexion

I paid a visit to the CRES outlet at Gurney Paragon (Level 3, above Coffee Bean) and was promptly brought to their consultation room where my skin concerns were addressed. The consultant was very friendly and even gave me tips on how to calm the redness on the base of my nose (which I seem to suffer from constantly). She also told me that it was most likely a sign of dehydration and hence my body isn’t able to detox that well. After a short chat about my skin concerns (and if I had any allergies etc) and skin care routine, she then explained briefly the Crystallinear therapy procedure so I had a rough idea of what would happen during the facial treatment.


Skin Consultation form


Tea, hot towel and hand lotion provided during the skin consultation

I was then introduced to the beautician who would be doing the facial for me, and brought to their change room so I could change into their facial gown. I was happy to note that they provided hangers and a small shelf to hang up my clothes and to store my bags in the facial room.


Change room (with shower and bath tub for spa)


For customer’s use to freshen up after treatment

P1130206Β Facial treatment room

The facial treatment started off with a welcome massage (head massage) and a double cleanse (first using a milk cleanser followed by a minty seaweed cleanser that smelled really good!) After which an enzymatic gel was applied to remove dead cells on skin surface so that the skin can better absorb the nutrients that will come later on during the facial.

Next, she applied a special lotion to soften any black/white heads and applied cold steam on my face. She then proceeded to do extraction of any black/white heads and pimples, which I always dread because of the pain. But I was surprised to find that the extraction process this time was a lot less painful, probably due to the special lotion and the cold steam (which kind of numbs your face maybe? lol) Anyway, she was very thorough during the extraction process and I was happy with the lessened pain during this process.


Different Crystals used during the facial treatment

Next was a series of massages using Crystal (hence the name). The opening Chakra massage is to unblock and stimulate our lymph nodes to allow more oxygen into our organs and better nutrient absorption.

After the opening Chakra massage, the beautician will choose a colored crystal for the next phase depending on our skin’s needs. She choose the yellow crystal for me which is for pimple/sensitive skin. This massage is done with Crystalline 2 solution to activate white blood cells (which aid in damaged tissue repair to combat wrinkles). The crystal massages felt comfortable and the beautician deftly massaged them over the various pressure points on my face.

P1130209RF Machine

The next step was using the RF machine which has lifting and firming qualities as well as pore tightening. The RF process is slightly warm but not uncomfortable. Throughout each step, the beautician would tell me what she was doing next so that I wasn’t in for any surprises. And I felt comfortable and safe in her hands (which is important since I had my eyes closed most of the time!)


Before and After RF machine treatment

The beautician did half of my face first so that I could compare with the other half that hadn’t undergone the RF. I could see that the pores on my nose and cheeks were noticeably smaller. And my laugh line was reduced/shortened. Also my skin felt firmer – more ‘boink boink’ feeling πŸ˜›

After the RF, the first Contour Crystalline Matrix Masque was applied to boost skin elasticity. This came with a very soothing facial massage.

Next, another masque was applied – a Ginseng masqueΒ to revitalize skin. I then had a super relaxing shoulder massage. It was very luxurious and relaxing that I was half asleep (only willed myself to stay awake because I wanted to note down everything that happened for this review! lol) One thing to note – after the shoulder and arm massage, the beautician used a hot towel to remove the oil – which I really appreciated. Because then I wouldn’t have to walk around after the treatment with an oily feeling. So this was a definite plus for me.

Finally the masque was removed and toner & moisturizer was applied. And sadly came the end of the very relaxing treatment.


After I changed, I was brought out to the consultation area once more where I was again given a cup of hot tea, hot towel and lotion. And shown my ‘progress card’. The beautician had noted down certain remarks on my skin condition which she encountered during the course of my facial. This progress card will be filled after each treatment during subsequent visits so that we can see the progression of our skin.


The lovely team at CRES Gurney Paragon, Penang

Thank you for showering me with such attention and care during my treatment! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

And also thank you for not pushing me to buy products (which I really really hate! In the past, I’ve actually stopped going for treatments even after signing up for a course because the consultants kept pushing me to purchase other items/sign on new courses)


Next morning after the facial treatment – very minimal skin redness where the extraction was done, pore size reduced, skin felt firmer and more hydrated.

Good news for readers who would like to check out CRES!


CRES Gurney Paragon will be having their opening road show this 1st-3rd May 2015

Do pay them a visit during this 3 days and if you’ve followed me on Facebook or IG, just show it to their staff and you will get a FREE MASQUE on the spot! There will also be lots of other freebies and promotions during the opening event. So do drop by CRES Gurney Paragon this weekend to take advantage of the promotions!

CRES Gurney Paragon

Level 3 (Gurney Drive side)

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