Tapas & Wine @ Poolside Terrace, E & O Hotel

To unwind after a long day, Eastern & Oriental Hotel offers tapas reinvented at their Poolside Terrace. We had the opportunity to try these delectable morsels recently and walked away very pleased indeed.

Bruschetta Platter RM50

We kicked things off with a Bruschetta Platter which consists of 5 different tapas, priced at RM50 (wine ordered seperately) The platter includes:-

Creamy Saute Mixed Mushrooms,

Marinated Air-Dried Beef

Smoked salmon, crispy capers, sour cream, pickles cucumber

Marinated green olive with roasted almonds, mixed herbs, garlic

Guacamole with tortilla chips

Crispy tortilla chips (V) RM15 served with guacamole
Tuna Tartar RM18

Serving the tuna tartar in our traditional ‘pie tee’ tart shells was a playful twist to this dish, lending a nice crunchy element.

Cocktail Potato RM10
Cooked with beef chorizo, caramelized onions and red chilli

The addition of beef chorizo to the cocktail potatoes were a welcome twist to the dish. I’m a fan of potatoes and caramelized onions so this was right up my alley.

Marinated Air-dried Beef RM20
Bresaola, chilli, parmesan cheese, Italian parsley and served with toast

The Marinated Air-dried Beef was a delight. I enjoyed the salty briny flavours with a hint of spiciness. Delicious when paired with the toast served on the side.

Spicy Garlic Prawn RM20
Cooked in olive oil, garlic, red chilli and italian parsley, served with toast

The Spicy Garlic Prawn was a crowd favourite, bouncy and juicy prawns bursting with flavour. I also enjoyed dipping the toast in the olive oil that has been infused with the fragrant flavours from the prawns.

Vegetable Spring Rolls (V) RM10
Samosa (V) RM10
Deep fried Indian potato dumpling, mango chutney and raita

Don’t forget to head on over to the Poolside Terrace of E&O Hotel Penang to savour these tapas re-invented!

Tapas Re-invented @ Poolside Terrace E & O Hotel Penang

Daily 6pm-Midnight

For reservations, do contact the hotel’s F&B Department TEL: 04-222 2000 EXT 3151 or 3139

E & O Hotel Website

PUTIEN Eel Festival @ PUTIEN, Gurney Paragon

PUTIEN needs no introduction to diners and this season, PUTIEN is offering live eels cooked two ways – Pan-fried live eel on hot plate and Live eel cooked in natural spring water.

PUTIEN Eel Festival

We had the opportunity to savor these delicacies recently. The pan fried live eel on hot plate was very well received all round. Seasoned with just salt, the eel is pan fried until it sizzles on the hot plate and the skin curls slightly. The plump and meaty eel fried til golden had amazing bite. It was a pleasure eating it on it’s own as the salt brings out the eel’s aroma. Diners can also enjoy it with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Pan fried live eel on hot plate RM79.90
Live eel cooked in natural spring water
The ingredients are simple – eel, ginger and goji berries
Add ingredients to the pot with the next essential item – Natural Spring water
Ready to serve at “the magical 10th Minute”

Meanwhile, the live eel cooked in natural spring water offered a clear and sweet tasting broth. The eel had a good bite, however, do beware of the fine bones that are in the eel meat. For this reason, most of us preferred the pan fried version as the fine bones were not apparent in that version.

Pan fried live eel on hot plate

Other dishes that we tucked into included PUTIEN’s signature and fan favourite dishes including the Iced Bitter Gourd, Braised Pig Intestine, Spinach in Supreme Stock, Stir Fried Yam and the Fried Hweng Hwa bee hoon.

Iced Bitter Gourd RM12.90
Cold Pork Trotters Jelly RM15.90
Drunken Squid RM18.90
This will be included in their new menu and will replace the cockles dish. We thoroughly enjoyed this savoury dish filled with umami flavours
Braised Pig Intestine RM18.90
Stir Fried Chilli Clams RM35.85 (Medium size)
Spinach in Supreme Stock RM43.80 (Large Size)
This is easily on of my favourite dishes at PUTIEN. It’s rich and flavourful stock is indeed superior
Deep fried chicken with garlic RM58.90 (whole chicken)
Stir fried Yam RM20.90 (Small size)
Yam lovers must not miss out this dish. Another one of my favourites! <3
Fried Hweng Hwa Bee Hoon
Best eaten with PUTIEN’s signature Spice Mum Chilli Sauce

*Many thanks to PUTIEN for extending this invitation

The Essentials:-


Address: Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall, Georgetown, 10250 Penang

TEL: 04-2260828

Operating Hours: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-9.30pm DAILY

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee elevates Your Movie Experience!

Snack lovers most likely have spotted a new selection of potato chips currently being sold on the market – Jack ‘n Jill Calbee

These potato chips were launched in January 2019 and is a joint venture between URC Snack Foods Malaysia who is widely known for the “Jack ‘n Jill” mother brand, and “Calbee” – the leading potato chips manufacturer in Japan. The brand-new potato chips comes available in Classic Salted, Smokey BBQ and Flamin’ Chilli flavours

Jack ‘n Jill Calbee is currently running a Bringing you to the Movies, elevate your snacking experience contest where participants stand a chance to win exciting prizes including:-

TGV Beanie Movie Tickets for 2pax

GRAND PRIZE: all in Travel Package to Universal Studios Singapore for two

How to win? Just follow these simple steps!

1. Purchase a minimum worth of RM8 Jack ‘n Jill Calbee products in a single receipt. 
2. Tag your movie buddy in the comment section of the Jack ‘n Jill Calbee contest post. 
3. Private Message your full name, MyKad no., email address, and the receipt (the proof of purchase) to Jack ‘n Jill Calbee Malaysia Facebook Page. https://www.facebook.com/JacknJillCalbee.MY/

Hurry! Contest ends 15th July 2019!

G Hotel Kelawai’s SPOON Unveils New Set Lunch Menu

G Hotel Kelawai’s SPOON, located at Level 2 of the hotel unveils their latest Set Lunch Menu which is available daily from 12pm-3pm.

SPOON’s Set Lunch at RM25 nett – all these just for 1 person!

With a very attractive price of RM25 nett, diners will get a 4 course Set Lunch consisting of an Appetizer, Best from the Pot (soup), Choice of Main course and dessert; rounding off the meal with beverage choice of coffee or tea.

Currently, there are 8 different Set Lunch menus available on rotation. Therefore, diners will be spoilt for choice even if they visit often.

Menu 2 of SPOON’s Set Lunch

For each menu, there are 3 main course options available, usually a combination of poultry, fish and pasta/rice. The menu boasts a good mix of local and international cuisines that would whet one’s appetite.

The appetizers and soup also changes depending on the menu. From the appetizers, we tried the Caesar Salad, a pleasing light salad to start the meal. Other appetizer options from the 8 different menus include Garden Salad, Pie Tee, Deep fried Gyoza, Glass Noodle Salad, Nyonya Spring Roll and more.

Caesar Salad Appetizer from Menu 2

For the soup, we tried Mushroom Soup from Menu 2. Other soup options include Salted Vegetable soup, Herbal Soup, Cream of Asparagus, Pumpkin Soup, Chick Kut Teh, Asian Corn Soup and Miso Soup

Mushroom Soup from Menu 2

We sampled some main course dishes which are available across the 8 set lunch menus.

Grilled Fish with Mango Kerabu from Menu 2
Italian Meatball Spaghetti from Menu 2

I was delighted with the Italian Meatball Spaghetti, which was not overly tangy. However, my tastebuds leaned a bit more towards the sweet, sour and spicy Grilled Fish with Mango Kerabu.

Main Course options for Menu 2 – Coriander Pesto Chicken, Grilled Fish with Mango Kerabu, Italian Meatball Spaghetti

Nyonya Steamed Fish from Menu 1

Main course options from Menu 1 – Nyonya Steamed Fish, Oven-Roasted Lemongrass Chicken, Pasta of the Day

The Nyonya Steamed Fish might not look very instagrammable, but the taste certainly took precedence.

Nyonya Baked Chicken from Menu 3
Nyonya Baked Chicken from Menu 3 – SPOON’s rendition of a classic favourite – Kapitan sauce marinated chicken with coconut pandan rice & acar
Claypot Bee Tai Bak from Menu 3
Catch of the Day from Menu 3

Main course options for Menu 3 – Nyonya Baked Chicken, Catch of the Day, Claypot Bee Tai Bak

Hungarian Chicken Stew from Menu 4

From Menu 4, we sampled the Hungarian Chicken Stew. Don’t be alarmed at the presentation, for it is indeed a stew, encased inside the puff pastry, hence making it look like a pie. Nevertheless, the thick savoury sauce coating the chicken & vegetable pieces were delicious!

Main course options for Menu 4 – Hungarian Chicken Stew, Shellfish Pasta, Pan Fried Fish Fillet

Shellfish Pasta from Menu 4 – tossed linguine in home made shellfish cream sauce
Pan Fried Fish Fillet from Menu 4 – with pumkin puree, seasonal greens and tomato caper vinaigrette

Meanwhile, I thoroughly enjoyed the Shellfish Pasta which was creamy and flavourful but not greasy. The pan fried Fish Fillet with pumpkin puree made for a light and easy main to eat.

Chicken Schnitzel from Menu 5

The classic crispy Chicken Schnitzel from Menu 5 was a joy to tuck into, paired well with a citrus barbeque sauce and tangy cabbage slaw.

Main course options for Menu 5 – Chicken Schnitzel, Tom Yum Fried Rice, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

Salted egg Chicken Chop from Menu 6

SPOON’s set lunch menu doesn’t forgo trend as it includes the very trendy Salted Egg in their Chicken Chop. This dish was a crowd pleaser as everyone dug the crispy skin and the delectable salted egg yolk flavour.

Main course options for Menu 6 – Salted Egg Chicken Chop, Catch of the Day, Linguine Pasta

Main course options for Menu 7 – Pan Seared Chicken, Claypot Noodle, Honey Soy Fish

Nyonya Chicken Rendang from Menu 8
Nyonya Chicken Rendang from Menu 8

The Nyonya Chicken Rendang from Menu 8 did not disappoint. Served with coconut pandan rice and pickled vegetable, this was a commendable rendition of a local delight.

Main Course options for Menu 8 – Nyonya Chicken Rendang, Mee Goreng Mamak, Linguine Alle Vongole

Finally, for dessert, we had the Green Velvet Cake from Menu 2. Other dessert options include Black Glutinous Rice Porridge, Chilled Longan & Sea Coconut, Pandan Kaya Cake, Green Bean Sago, Red Velvet cake, Bubur cha cha and Sago Gula Melaka.

The complete 4 course Set Lunch for 1 pax at RM25nett
Dining with a view
SPOON’s sophisticated interior

SPOON’s Set Lunch Menu RM25nett

Available daily from 12pm-3pm, Level 2

G Hotel Kelawai

2 Persiaran Maktab, 10250 Georgetown, Penang

TEL: 04-219 0000

Dragon Gate Banquet @ The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant, Penang Times Square

The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant located at Penang Times Square offers something unique, impressive and delicious this Parents’ Day in the form of their Dragon Gate Banquet.

Perhaps, most exciting would be it’s meticulous presentation that definitely has the wow factor. Instead of the usual course meal where dishes are served one after another, the Dragon Gate Banquet serves up all 9 dishes at one go. Therefore patrons can eat whichever dish they feel pulled towards and there is no waiting in between courses.

In addition, the banquets are served in private rooms, each with its own unique decoration and theme.

One of the 16 private rooms at The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant.

Each room is decorated with a different theme

All private rooms are also fitted with karaoke facilities

Red date & wolfberry tea (complimentary)


Dragon Gate Banquet for 10pax 

Promo price RM688++ (until Father’s Day)

(Normal price RM988++)

Our Dragon Gate Banquet came rolling into our private room with much fan fare, admist plenty of oohs and aahs…. the whole presentation blew us away as 4 strong men lifted up the huge platter and presented it to us.

What’s included in the Dragon Gate Banquet?

9 premium dishes consisting of:-

Braised Abalone with Black Truffle

Pan Fried Prawn with Garlic

Signature Pork Ribs

Salad Oyster with Baked Cheese

Sauteed Crab with Garlic & Chili

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Steamed Garoupa Fish with Patong Sauce

Deep Fried Octopus

Sauteed Rhizome with Celery

Pan Fried Prawn with Garlic

Steamed Garoupa Fish with Patong Sauce

This steamed garoupa fish was one of the highlights of the meal. It’s rich and creamy patong sauce was rich in spices and left us hankering for a piping hot bowl of white rice. The fish meat had a good bite too.

Crispy Roasted Chicken

Sauteed Crab with Garlic & Chili

Braised Abalone with Black Truffle

Signature Pork Ribs

Salad Oyster with Baked Cheese

Sauteed Rhizome with Celery

The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant also offers banquet meals for less than 10pax, do check with the restaurant for their other set meals.

Advance reservation is required for the Dragon Gate Banquet. Presentation may vary as they come up with different styles each time, so it’s a surprise! Booking for the private room is based on first come first serve basis (even if you choose the cheapest set menu at RM288++)

So hurry, don’t miss this special promo for 10pax at RM688++!

The Essentials:-

The Six Premium Cantonese Restaurant

Address: 77-G-63 Penang Time Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town, Pulau Pinang
TEL: 04- 296 9745 / 011-11101226
Opening Hours: 11am – 9.45pm

G Ball 2019 Business Appreciation Dinner @ G Hotel, Penang

The annual G Ball 2019 at G Hotel Gurney was a blue and shiny affair which saw guests decked out in all shades of blue. Coupled with a modern archway leading into the Grand Ballroom, guests drank, ate and danced the night away under the twinkling lights of the mirror ball centerpiece. In it’s 11th year, the G Ball is the hotel’s annual corporate appreciation dinner. The G Ball hosted over 300 corporate guests, media partners and business agents.

Blue Party 2019!

Welcome to the Blue Party 2019!

During the cocktail session, guests were treated to custom made cocktails Blue Affair and Infinity. The Blue Affair consisting of Havana Club Rum, muddled fresh sweet plum, Monin Blue lagoon syrup and 7up, won me over!

Free blow beer, red wine and white wine including light snacks were also served.

Photo booth for the guests

Soon, it was time to enter the Grand Ballroom and to get the party started!

Welcome speech by G Hotel’s General Manager – Mr Michael Hanratty

During the Welcome Speech, Mr Michael Hanratty announced that G Hotel Gurney & G Hotel Kelawai had won a total of 33 awards in 2018 which was cause for celebration.

Mirror Man dance

Bread rolls to kick off the night

Soon it was time for the food to be served and we gladly tucked into the appetizer of the night – Grilled Scallops. The dish was an instant hit with juicy succulent scallops paired with a refreshing fruit salad and uplifting citrus cream. A light yet heady dish to start.

Appetizer – Grilled Scallops on puy lentil stew, torched melon salad, basil and pepper citrus cream

Soup – Cream of zucchini and garbanzo veloute with caramelized onion and aioli oil

Next course was a cream of zucchini and garbanzo veloute. Normally, during a course meal, I would only take a bit of the soup as it fills me up too much. However, with this particular rendition, I found myself licking the bowl clean! A heartwarming soup with smokiness and sweetness from the caramelized onions. It left me satiated and happy. 🙂

Palate Cleanser – Yuzu with Mint oil

Impersonation dance shows of Madonna, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston kept the guests entertained while they dined

Main Course – Oven roasted chicken, squid ink and basilico oil pasta with ratatouille and mushroom sauce

When the main course was presented, I was immediately drawn to its generous portion. While chicken may seem rather boring for a main course, there was nothing mundane about this dish. The sweet juicy oven roasted chicken paired well with the silky al-dente pasta. Meanwhile, the tangy ratatouille rounded up the dish nicely. I savoured every bit of this dish as it’s been a while since I had a really enjoyable chicken meal.

Dessert – White chocolate lava cake with dark sweet cherries

Last but not least, dessert came in the form of a white chocolate lava cake. The cake was lovely. Not too sweet, thanks to the slightly tart cherries.

However, I must admit that by this time, I was too distracted to eat dessert as the dance floor was opened!

Best Dressed Male (Mr Glenn Todd) & Female (Ms Priscilla Dawson, middle) winners

together with Ms Dottie Azura, Director of Business Development

Mr. Glenn Todd won the one return flight ticket of economy
class (Penang – Guangzhou) from Mr. Lim Jun Ting, China
Southern Airlines presented by Mr. Michael Hanratty, General Manager

Lucky draw Grand Prize – Round trip business class air ticket from Penang – Hong Kong sponsored by Cathay Pacific

Various attractive lucky draw prizes were up for grabs including spa treatments, hotel stays, flight tickets, luggage bags, jewelleries, iPad and branded bags.

Guests dancing the night away

Group photo of G associates from Sales &
Marketing department with Mr. Micheal
Hanratty, General Manager of G Hotel.

Once again, it was an immensely enjoyable night for all as G Hotel continues to impress, allowing business partners to trust its brand name for outstanding guest experiences.

Many thanks to G Hotel for extending this invitation!

G Hotel Gurney

168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang

TEL:  04-238 0000


Dinner by the Pool @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang

For an intimate and romantic meal, Eastern & Oriental Hotel offers it’s exclusive Dinner by the Pool where one can dine overlooking the pool and the Andaman Sea.

Pool at the Poolside Terrace

Dinner by the Pool set up at the Poolside Terrace, 6th Floor of Victory Annexe Wing

Pool View

Glorious view at sunset

Dinner by the Pool is limited to 10 couples only and features a 4 course meal comprising of Gourmet Salad, Soup, choice of Main Course & dessert of the day. The 4 course meal is priced at RM230.85nett per person.

Gourmet Salad & Soup

After enjoying the views and the magnificent sunset, we tucked into a refreshing and generous Gourmet Salad to start. Next, we had a rich and heartwarming mushroom soup which was filled with earthy flavours.

Pan Seared Salmon Loin 

For a choice of mains, we were presented with either the Pan Seared Salmon Loin or Grain fed Beef Fillet Mignon. As I was feeling particularly carnivorous that night, I chose the Grain fed Beef Fillet Mignon. It made for plenty of tender and toothsome morsels. I had, however, hoped for a better sear on the fillet itself.

Grain fed Beef Fillet Mignon

Grain fed Beef Fillet Mignon – medium doneness

Dessert of the Day

Dessert of the day came in the form of a light and creamy cheesecake served with fruit compote. We were then offered tea or coffee to finish the meal.

Overall, Dinner by the Pool offers an exclusive and intimate dining experience with breathtaking views.


Dinner by the Pool @ Poolside Terrace, E & O Hotel Penang

Daily 7.30pm-10.30pm

Limited to 10 couples only

RM230.85 nett per person

For reservations, do contact the hotel’s F&B Department TEL: 04-222 2000 EXT 3151 or 3139

E & O Hotel Website

Traditional English Afternoon Tea @ Planters Lounge, E&O Hotel, Penang

Mention English Afternoon Tea in Penang, and one would unequivocally think of Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Recently, we revisited the grande dame hotel to try their newly revamped Traditional English Afternoon Tea menu, now being served at Planters Lounge.

Planters Lounge is located on the 6th Floor of the Victory Annexe. Previously a private lounge for hotel guests, the lounge is now open to public following the closure of dining outlets at Heritage Wing for refurbishment works.

Planters Lounge, 6th Floor, Victory Annexe

Spacious, luxurious and private

Stepping into the Planters Lounge, one would notice the luxurious and sophisticated space where the tables are placed not too near to each other, lending some privacy to the diners. Outdoor seats are also available, endowing diners the view of the sea.

E&O Hotel’s Traditional English Afternoon Tea

Photo shows portion for 1 pax (RM71.65 NETT per pax)

Pricing will be revised to RM76.00 NETT per pax starting 1st May 2019

The Traditional English Afternoon Tea is elegantly displayed on 3 tiers consisting of scones, savouries and tea sandwiches, followed by a selection of cakes and tea pastries.

Two varieties of scones are served – plain and raisin scone, served with clotted cream, homemade strawberry jam and pineapple jam.

For savouries and tea sandwiches, we were served:-

  • Smoked Salmon Tartare Sandwich
  • Crab Meat Slaw Sandwich
  • Corn Fed Chicken Ragout
  • Truffle Scented Egg
  • Marinated Tuna Flakes Sandwich
  • Organic Spinach Quiche
  • Cucumber, Dill and Cream Cheese Sandwich

I found the savories to be most enjoyable, my favourite being the truffle scented egg sandwich and the corn fed chicken ragout.

Meanwhile, for cake & tea pastries, we had:-

  • Opera cake
  • Red velvet
  • Fruit Cake
  • Fruit tartlet
  • Millefeuille

I reckon that the savouries had an edge over the sweets. But I found that the opera cake and millefeuille suited my palate the most.

Ronnefeldt tea selection

The Traditional English Afternoon Tea menu comes with a selection of 16 varieties of premium Ronnefeldt teas including the more exotic Irish Whiskey-Cream, Vanilla Roibosh, Assam Mokalbarie, Tarry Lapsang, Verbana, Soft Peach and more. I had the Vanilla Roibosh which is one of my favourite teas.

Traditional English Afternoon Tea with a view

All in all, we had a lovely afternoon savouring some delicious morsels which left me full to the brim (had to skip dinner!)

The Traditional English Afternoon Tea is available from 3pm-5pm daily at Planters Lounge.

Price: RM71.65 NETT per pax

Do note that the pricing will be revised to RM76.00 NETT per pax starting 1st May 2019

The Essentials:-

Eastern & Oriental Hotel

10 Lebuh Farquhar, 10200 Penang

TEL: 04-222 2000

E&O Hotel Website

Chinese New Year 2019 8-Course Dinner @ G Hotel, Penang

This Chinese New Year, celebrate the season of Spring and togetherness at G Hotel Penang. Both G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai are offering their mouth watering Chinese New Year 8-course dinner from 26th January – 28th February 2019. 

Two different packages are available:-

Prosperity Package at RM1688nett

Longevity Package at RM1888nett

I had the opportunity to sample the dishes in the Longevity Package (RM1888nett) which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The 8-course dinner starts off with the Lucky Fresh Salmon Yee Sang, with lots of fun tossing for prosperity, good luck, good health and more auspicious blessings for the new year. The Yee Sang was enjoyable without being overly sweet and a good balance of sauce.

Lucky Fresh Salmon Yee Sang

Braised Seafood Soup with Dried Scallop

Next, tuck into a bowl of heartwarming Braised Seafood Soup with Dried Scallop. Normally I am not a fan of these type of soups as they tend to be very starchy. However, G Hotel’s version won me over, having the briny sweetness of the various seafood used to cook the soup. The hint of sesame oil rounded off the soup very nicely.

Baked Whole Chicken in Spicy Pineapple Sauce

The following course – Baked Whole Chicken in Spicy Pineapple Sauce may look rather ordinary but was far from it in taste. Pineapples were specifically used in this dish to bring a natural sweetness, hence no sugar is used in cooking this dish. The spiciness level was also mild, making it a dish that can be enjoyed by young and old. The baked chicken itself was tender and juicy, holding much savoury flavour.

Deep fried King Prawn in Golden Salted Egg Yolk

Chinese New Year dinners would not be complete without prawns. G Hotel’s version follows the current trend of salted egg yolk dishes. It did not disappoint. This was easily one of my favourite dishes of the night, the king prawns were crunchy and well coated with the salted egg yolk sauce. I found myself reaching for second helpings of this dish!

Sauteed Fresh Scallop in Yam Ring & Lotus Roots

I was delighted to see the next dish – Sauteed Fresh Scallop in yam ring and lotus roots, as I am a huge fan of root vegetables. G Hotel’s rendition of this classic dish easily won me over. The yam ring was my favourite part of the dish with an outer crisp layer revealing a creamy center on the inside. The vegetables were crisp and plump, with the macadamias adding even more texture to the dish.  Fans of yam would not want to miss this dish.

Steamed Pearl Garoupa Fish in Supreme Soy Sauce

Steamed pearl garoupa was also enjoyable with its robust flesh. The fish cooked in supreme soy sauce had a delicate smokiness which I was fond of.

Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Dried Oyster and Lotus Nuts

We rounded off the dinner with Steamed Lotus Leaf Rice with Dried Oyster and lotus nuts. Its generous serving left us stuffed to the brim.

Sweetened Longan Tea with Glutinous Rice Balls

Finally, for dessert the sweetened longan tea with glutinous rice balls, was just right. Not overly sweet, the dessert is sweetened using the natural sweetness from dried longans. The glutinous rice balls had black sesame filling, my favourite kind!

This 8-course meal makes up the Longevity Package at RM1888 nett. It is available from 26th January – 28th February 2019 at both G Hotel Gurney & G Hotel Kelawai. Price includes free flow of chinese tea. The dinners will be served in the various function rooms so that diners can enjoy dining in a private environment.

The dishes for the Prosperity Package (RM1688 nett) include:-

Lucky Fresh Salmon Yee Sang

Braised Pumpkin Soup in Dried Scallop & Pearl Fish Maw

Stewed Duck with Lotus Nuts in Aluminum Foil

Sauteed Diced Chicken and Lotus Roots in Yam Ring

Braised Dried Oyster, Kwai Fei Abalone, Lion Mane Mushroom and Sea Moss with Broccoli

Deep Fried Red Snapper Fish in Spicy Oyster Sauce

Crispy Noodles with Chicken and Prawn Meat

Sweetened Yam Paste with Chinese Pancake

Specially for 4th February 2019, G Hotel Gurney will have its Auspicious Reunion Dinner at the Grand Ballroom, serving up the two different 8-course dinners with live band performances, lucky draw session and appearance of the God of Prosperity to usher in a prosperous start of the year ahead.

*Many thanks to G Hotel for extending this invitation.

For reservations, do call G Hotel Gurney at 04-238 0000 & G Hotel Kelawai at 04-219 0000

G Hotel Website







PUTIEN CNY Phoon Choy & Oysters @ Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang

For this Chinese New Year, PUTIEN brings out its Pot of Goodies Phoon Choy which is available for dine in as well as takeaway. Top grade ingredients are used the bring out harmonious flavours which include abalones, sea cucumber, dried scallops, tiger prawns, fish maw, roasted pork belly and dried clams. Putien’s Pot of Goodies retails at RM418 (4 pax), RM698 (6 pax) & RM898 (10 pax)

Three days advance booking is required.

Putien’s Pot of Goodies takeaway packaging comes with a claypot and festive bag

Besides this, Putien is also bringing their osyter festival this Spring, featuring oysters cooked in 7 ways. We had the chance to sample some of the seasonal oyster dishes. Personally, I found the seaweed oysters with fried egg suited my palate the best. The salt and pepper oysters were pretty good as well.

Seaweed Oysters with Fried Egg RM29.90

Salt & Pepper Fried Oysters RM36.90

Seaweed with Crispy Oysters RM49.90

Fujian Extraordinary Fried Oysters RM29.90

Drunken Cockles RM16.90

The Drunken Cockles were highly enjoyable if you are a fan of garlic. We dug into this dish happily as the cockles were fresh and bouncy with the savoury taste of the sea.

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic RM58.90/bird

Putien Cabbage Rice RM20.90

*Many thanks to PUTIEN for extending this invitation

For reservations of PUTIEN’s Pot of Goodies, do call 604-2260828

The Essentials:-


Address: Level 6, Gurney Paragon Mall, Georgetown, 10250 Penang

TEL: 04-2260828

Operating Hours: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-9.30pm DAILY