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Marvellous Magnificient Macarons!

29 June 2008


Ah…macarons… Chewy crisp tops and creamy centers… the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth! Sunny of Big Boys Oven showing us the way… We were delighted when our macarons had ‘feet’! Horray! Them macarons can be temperamental I tell you…. not easy to make… all the elements have to fall into place – […]

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Pulau Tikus Laksa & Char Koay Teow

22 June 2008


Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Some things going on personally, good things I would say. 🙂 And also travelling quite a bit for work. So here’s something short and sweet and old school… good ol’ Penang hawker food. 🙂 One of my favourite places to go to for lunch in Pulau Tikus is […]

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The Sire Museum Restaurant @ King Street, Penang

15 June 2008


I couldn’t resist deviating from my China Gourmet Tour Series yet again, to blog about this exciting new place in town! Located along King Street (opposite the new Great Eastern building and across the road from Dewan Sri Pinang) is this elegant, charming restaurant serving ‘the best of Old & New World Cuisine’. The name […]

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China Gourmet Tour Series Part 2 – E-Spring Hotel’s Restaurant @ Cong Hua, Guang Zhou

11 June 2008


When my friends heard I was going on a gourmet tour to China, everyone said ‘oh! then you’ll be eating all the exotic stuff like cockroaches etc’ Well….I didn’t exactly eat cockroaches. But I did eat some pretty exotic stuff! During the dinner at E-Spring Hotel’s in house restaurant, our first dish for the night […]

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Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine @ E-Gate

6 June 2008


Taking a short break from the China Gourmet Tour series to come back to good ol’ Penang food. 🙂 (Part 2 of the gourmet tour series in the next post!) Being a foodie… I’m always on a lookout for exciting new additions to our local food scene. Therefore, I spied this Vietnamese restaurant taking over […]

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Gourmet Tour Series Part 1 – Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (Hong Kong)

2 June 2008


The long awaited photos from my China Gourmet Tour are finally here! To kick things off, I’ll be posting our first dinner of the tour at Tai Wing Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong. We were all very excited because its the very first dinner on the tour. Expectations were high and with our tummies already […]

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