Mellowcup Cafe, Expanding Penang’s Coffee Culture @ Gottlieb Road, Penang

A quaint and cozy cafe has been operating along Gottlieb Road (New Bob Center), and while cafes are mushrooming around Penang, Mellowcup Cafe seeks to differentiate themselves from the pack. They are the only cafe in Malaysia to offer specialty coffee by Blooms Roastery Hong Kong. In addition, they are passionate about brewing the perfect […]

Scoops Pg 5th Anniversary Lick-All-You-Can Ice Cream Party!

Scoops Pg have been quietly and diligently making artisanal handcrafted ice creams to whet the appetites of Penangites. Recently, they celebrated their 5th anniversary with an ice cream party! The party was held at Passion Heart cafe and offered 5 brand new flavours for patrons to lick-all-we-can during the ice cream buffet party. Scoops Pg […]

Fried Laksa @ Yan Yam Cafe, Siam Road, Penang

Recently, we discovered a shop in town with its bright red banner stating that it sold FRIED LAKSA! Our interests were piqued immediately as we wondered how a fried version of the well loved Assam Laksa would fare. Fried Laksa at Yan Yam Cafe, along the bustling Siam Road (its nearer to the traffic light […]