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What Condiment Are You?

26 July 2008


This is perhaps one of the most appropriate quizzes for food bloggers… 🙂 Got it from Precious Pea’s site and the results show that…. You Are Barbeque Sauce You are a social person. You enjoy cooking for other people. You are both skillful and competitive. You enjoy mastering hard tasks. You appreciate complexity more than […]

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Uncle John’s Balik Pulau Durians

25 July 2008


It would seem like going to Uncle John’s durian farm in Balik Pulau is getting to be a yearly affair since I was first introduced to this place last year.  And so this year, about 20 of us durian lovers made our way again to Balik Pulau for another round of RM12 durian buffet! Uncle […]

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Flogger’s Makan-Makan Get-Together

21 July 2008


While chatting with PenangTuaPui the other day, I realized its high time I stop procrastinating and just organize this flogger’s get-together that has been at the back of my mind for quite some time… So fellow Penang floggers, what say we have a get-together? Meet up for some food, some photos (of the food!), a […]

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Terubong Seafood @ Paya Terubong

13 July 2008


I hardly venture into Paya Terubong/Air Itam area for some strange reason, though this place holds one of the best seafood places in Penang, if I dare say. 🙂 Cheap and good is what you will find at Terubong Seafood. Usually packed with locals tucking into fresh seafood, my dad told us we’d go at […]

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Sakae Teppanyaki @ AutoCity Juru

3 July 2008


From the people who brought us Sakae Sushi, they now have a specialized teppanyaki outlet – Sakae Teppanyaki at AutoCity Juru which has been opened for a few months. Sakae Teppanyaki is now our current favourite dining place if we happen to be in the Juru area. My fascination with teppanyaki began at a young […]

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