Sawara Yong Tao Foo @ Pulau Tikus Penang

Whenever I want to have something simple and wholesome, Sawara Restaurant at Burmah Road comes to mind.  They started out as a humble lil restaurant serving mainly yong tao foo items made with 100% mackerel fish and some noodle dishes. Since then, the menu has flourished to include many other items like fresh fish slices,… Continue reading Sawara Yong Tao Foo @ Pulau Tikus Penang

Sweet & Sour Fishballs

This is a long overdue post, as I prepared this dish for a pot luck at the end of last year. At that time, I had spotted this simple yet tantalizing recipe from Rasa Malaysia’s site. And the pot luck was the perfect opportunity for me to try out the recipe! I have never had… Continue reading Sweet & Sour Fishballs

Hakka Connexion @ Jalan Bawasah

I have unintentionally blogged about two foodie places along Jalan Bawasah back to back it seems, what with my earlier post. 🙂 Hakka Connexion is a quaint comfy lil’ restaurant in a lovely colonial house. Narrow and long, with high ceilings. Upon entering the restaurant, there are photos of a typical Hakka village in China… Continue reading Hakka Connexion @ Jalan Bawasah

Passions of Kerala Banana Leaf Rice

Whenever I’m in the mood for banana leaf rice, my mind inadvertently wonders to… Passions of Kerala. The original restaurant in Gelugor was called Innira’s, while the restaurant in Service Road (off Burmah Road) was called Passions of Kerala. They now no longer carry the name Innira’s, having changed all the outlets’ name to Passions… Continue reading Passions of Kerala Banana Leaf Rice

Yummylicious Yew Char Kuih @ Raja Uda, Butterworth

Little did I know that I would be having these heavenly deep fried snacks when I went for steamboat at Raja Uda. Before we even took our seats at the steamboat restaurant, a few of my friends already spotted the yew char kuih stall opposite the road doing brisk business. And we charged towards it… Continue reading Yummylicious Yew Char Kuih @ Raja Uda, Butterworth