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Arabian Night Beach Party @ Sigi’s Bar & Grill

11 June 2010


Who says there’s nothing to do in Penang and we don’t have cool costume/themed parties? For a lil taste of Arabia, head on down to Sigi’s Bar & Grill in your best Arabic gear or beach wear (see, they’re being nice, giving you options for costumes… so no excuses that “I don’t have anything Arabic […]

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Cham’alal Giveaway Winners!

4 March 2010

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the Cham’alal Giveaway in conjunction with the 3rd Anniversary of Lingzie’s Tummy Treats Winners are: 1. Tummywise 2. Bernice 3. ZC Have already emailed the respective winners so please check your emails ya!

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Lingzie’s Tummy Treats Turns Three! (and a Bubbly Giveaway!)

21 February 2010


Boy what a tongue twister-ish title eh? Especially when you try to say it three times really fast! 😛 The dual celebrations of the past week (Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day) have been gradually winding down  as most are preparing to get back to work tomorrow. Though for most Hokkiens in Penang, the celebrations […]

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Happy Birthday Batman

28 November 2009


Because Batman likes Peanut Butter And Catwoman likes chocolate Therefore, Chocolate Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting Topped with Chocolate Peanut Butter Glaze! Happy Birthday Batman. Love always, Catwoman

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Sneak Peak of Yumminess At Golden Sands Resort!

11 November 2009


I must admit that I have not stepped foot into Golden Sands Resort in a long long time. Perhaps it got overshadowed by its glitzier counterpart next door. But no better time to get re-acquainted than right now! As I walked into the hotel, I felt a sense of delight that it’s gotten a fresh […]

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One Dessert for the Rest of My Life

5 November 2009


Now, if I could have one dessert for the the rest of my life, what would it be? Whoa! Really tough question here since you’re talking to the Dessert Queen here! Ooooo how to choose how to choose? So many lovely pastries and cakes galore, and many more still undiscovered! It wouldn’t be fair really […]

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Spice Market Cafe’s Buffet – Buy 2 Free 1 Offer!

22 October 2009

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Great news for you buffet lovers out there, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa is once again having exciting promotions at their dining outlets! The Buy 2 Free 1 offer at Spice Market Cafe is valid from now til December 17 for International Buffet (Mon-Thurs only) The 2+1 offer is also available at Ferringi Grill […]

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Discount Voucher for Sunday Brunch at Spice Market Cafe!

5 August 2009


I’ve been a fan of the buffet spreads at Spice Market Cafe every since my first visit way back in 2007. Currently, Spice Market Cafe at Shangri La’s Rasa Sayang Resort and Spa are having promotions galore (including the already well known Buy 1 Free 1 Offer for the Buffet dinner) Rumour has it that […]

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Saltier Foods? Or is it just me?

4 June 2009


I’m supposed to be posting on the last segment of my Macau trip. But I thought I’d write about this issue first. Now, my family and I eat out quite a lot. And in general we tend to lean towards foods that are more full bodied and stronger in flavor. We like our food creamy, […]

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Flying off!

23 April 2009


I am typing this on my brand spanking new notebook! The keyboard’s shiny and smooth and a lil too glitzy for me actually. But after battling through the crowds at PC Fair and spending about 4 long hours there, I finally got a notebook which I thought suited my needs best (and being reasonably priced […]

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