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An Viet Vietnamese Casual Dining @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

18 January 2018


An Viet Vietnamese Casual Dining @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

Vietnamese restaurants are pretty common in Penang of late and one of the newest places to open on the island – An Viet, a chain restaurant from KL, seeks to vie for a slice of the pie.  An Viet which literally translates to “Eat Viet”, offers authentic Vietnamese food in a casual dining environment. Since […]

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Desserts @ Miss Saigon, E-gate

23 November 2008


I had a sudden craving for Traditional Southern Beef Bun and that’s how we ended up at Miss Saigon again! This time, we were both looking for something light so I took the opportunity to cut back on the mains and leave some room for dessert! The Vietnamese Apple Pie is a visual delight! Slices […]

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Vietnamese Street Food Tasting Session @ Miss Saigon, E-Gate

19 November 2008


Vietnamese Street Food. These words certainly conjures up images of dog meat (!!), fried creepy crawlies like scorpions (!!!), snake meat, tucking into hot bowls of Pho along cramp narrow streets… However, at Miss Saigon, you get a (tamer) taste of Vietnamese Street Foods in a cosy environment. Sorta like a teaser to the myriad […]

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Miss Saigon Vietnamese Cuisine @ E-Gate

6 June 2008


Taking a short break from the China Gourmet Tour series to come back to good ol’ Penang food. 🙂 (Part 2 of the gourmet tour series in the next post!) Being a foodie… I’m always on a lookout for exciting new additions to our local food scene. Therefore, I spied this Vietnamese restaurant taking over […]

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