Desserts @ Miss Saigon, E-gate

I had a sudden craving for Traditional Southern Beef Bun and that’s how we ended up at Miss Saigon again! This time, we were both looking for something light so I took the opportunity to cut back on the mains and leave some room for dessert!

Vietnamese Apple Pie
Vietnamese Apple Pie

The Vietnamese Apple Pie is a visual delight! Slices of cinnamon-y apple arranged into a beautiful rose! Underneath is a crispy, fragrant puff pastry. This I really loved!

Another dessert we tried was the Lotus Burnt Cream which is pretty similar to a creme brulee. Again, this was beautiful to look at. And taste wise, did not disappoint. The best thing about the burnt cream is that it isnt’ too sweet. Just right. The crispy burnt sugar top, followed by the silky solid cream and finally a thin layer of cake. I also loved the lil’ pandan leave used to decorate the ramekin.

Lotus Burnt Cream
Lotus Burnt Cream

I noticed that Miss Saigon has started their Set Lunch menu and also an Afternoon Tea Promotion!

Afternoon Tea Promotion
Afternoon Tea Promotion

The set lunch menu looks like a crowd puller as they offer meals from RM10.80, RM12.80, RM14.80 to RM16.80. Miss Saigon Platter and Chef’s Platter also available for RM24.80. Set lunches come with a drink.

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  1. I still remember the previous visit where the waitress recommend the apple pie, claiming it is very nice under the camera…

    hmm…. end up, it is true only under the camera, not for our tongue… 😛

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