Birthday Meme!

Meme time again! Received this meme from KeeYit

So how does it work?

1. Go to Wikipedia

2. Type in your birthday and search

3. From the results, list down 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday.

On the day of my birth (October 30th)…..these three events (wah so many events dunno which one to chose!and most of it so foreign to me!) occured: (all comments in brackets saja added by me…)

– In 1938, Orson Welles broadcasts his radio play of H.G Wells’s The War of the Worlds, causing a nationwide panic. (The latest movie adaptation however, I must say was rather disappointing, in my opinion!)

– In 1944, Anne Frank was deported from Auschwitz to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp (I remembering reading her book for literature in high school, and if I remember correctly, this concentration camp is where she passed away)

– In 1999, Miss Saigon closes in London after 4264 performances (I love musicals and this is one that I have yet to see)

Two Births:

– 1861 Antoine Bourdelle, French Sculptor

– 1981 Ivanka Trump, American Model (neh, Donald Trump’s daughter loh)

One Holiday:

– International Orthopaedic Nurses Day

One final thing about the meme, I have to remove the first name on the list and bump everyone up to add my name at the bottom, and then tag 5 ppl.

The Birthday Meme list so far:

Teacher Julie

Mommyness is Happyness

This is a Miracle

Life’s Prisms

Rooms of my Heart

Life’s a Rollercoaster

Keeyit’s Wonderful Life

Lingzie’s Tummy Treats

Finally, I’d like to tag….

1.5Xmom cos her birthday’s coming up soon (ooh..very brave of me to do this! heehee!)

2. Terence cos his birthday also coming up soon

3. Pikey

4. Tine (though I know she’s gonna be really busy these few days due to something really exciting happening in her life)

5. Samantha


  1. Cilaka lu, Terence. Eh, you go do liao, then, I plagiarise lu lah. Since we all same-same day.

    Lingzhie – Wait I come back from holiday first hor?

  2. terence – oh ya, lilian’s friendly (when she wants to be!), but i’ve never tagged her before mah!heehee…

    lilian – of course can! i was thinking that you guys will wait til the actual day of your birthday to do it! 🙂

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