Christmas Eve Dinner @ 68 Kelawei

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Merry Christmas!! I’m back after being in total holiday mood the whole of last week…(read: too lazy to update my blog!)

My family and I had Christmas eve dinner at 68 Kelawei. They have recently changed its theme to serving Italian food. Previously, they were serving Brazilian cuisine in the form of Brazilian barbeque/carvery. Currently, they still serve the carvery on weekends (Fri-Sun) in addition to their Italian menu.

68 Kelawei

For Christmas Eve, 68 Kelawei offers semi buffet at RM78++ per person. The salads, soups and dessert are served buffet style while there were 4 types of main course to choose from – the carvery, salmon, beef or the stuffed turkey.

The salad bar was an impressive spread.

68 salad bar

I’m not a very salad person but I must say that simply loved the caesar salad! The sauce was served on the side so we could choose how much sauce we wanted. The potato salad was also very good!

68 salad bar2

The soup served for the night was creamy Almond soup, along with bread and garlic butter. I liked the almond soup although I didn’t really taste much almond in it.

68 soup

For the mains, we had the salmon, beef and the carvery. We didn’t really fancy turkey so none of us ordered that!

68 Salmon

The salmon came with a sourish sauce. It was very nicely cooked and the middle is slightly raw so if you prefer it cooked all the way through, you should let the waiter know.

68 beef

The beef was lovely! Very very tender despite being quite thick. And very well marinated.

I had the carvery, which is made up of 7 varieties of barbeque – chicken, dory fish, turkey, sausages (beef & chicken), beef, lamb and pineapple dusted with cinnamon.

68 carvery 68 carvery 2

Each of the barbequed items are brought to you by the waiters and they will carve a slice or two while you have to hold onto that slice with the tongs made available on the table. A variety of sauces is also available as condiments to the meats. Best thing is, you can ask for repeats of anything you like and they will gladly bring it to you at your table. This is something very unique indeed and my favourites out of the lot are the lamb (very very good!), the sausages (especially the chicken) and to finish it off, the juicy barbequed pineapples dusted with lots of cinnamon! The carvery is usually available as a set dinner (with a starter and dessert) on weekends (RM62++).

After the very satisfying main course, comes dessert….

68 dessert

There’s the christmas log cakes and christmas puddings…

68 dessert2

I didn’t sample all of the dessert as I was truly stuffed by that time. But I did try the cheesecake which was wonderful. It was rich and the texture was very fine. Another favourite was the choc fudge cake and the pralines.

All in all it was a very lovely dinner, with christmas carols  in the background sung by the jazz ensemble present that night.

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  1. Elsie says:

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!

  2. This is the place where I missed dining in….

  3. Corsaro says:

    sigh…its depressing its in Penang…..

  4. Nicholas says:

    I went this place before they changing to Brasilien restaurant. Quite nice, love their food. Haven’t been there for quite sometimes.

  5. Christy says:

    This is a really nice spread!!!!:D
    I passed by and noticed their promotion too but didn’t really try it this round:p

  6. Sally says:

    Where the restaurant allocated now? miss the bbq chicken and dessert

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