My Favourite CNY Snack – Chi Gu Chips!

Written by Lingzie

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Every year when its almost near Chinese New Year, as early as probably two months ahead, I will start my search for my favourite Chinese New Year snack – chi gu chips (arrowroot chips)

Arrowroot chips

Discovered these yummy chips a few years back when a friend’s mom made a bottle for me. I’ve been hooked ever since then. Of course, I don’t make my own. And for 2 years now, I’ve been getting my supply of chi gu chips from the stall selling buns and cakes at night at the Pulau Tikus market (in front of the lok lok stall). Last year the lady was selling these chips for RM13 a bottle, but this year increase slightly to RM14. But I’m not complaining because we only get these once a year!

Arrowroot chips

This is what the plant looks like. A friend had it growing at their house as a decorative plant. But the one that eventually becomes the chips is the root, not the leafy bits! 🙂

Arrowroot plant

These arrowroot chips have slightly sweet aftertaste and I like it when they add a bit of salt to balance the taste. Some of the chi gus that I’ve bought are not as nice, as they were sliced a bit too thick and can taste rather hard. So far, I find the chi gu from this stall at the Pulau Tikus market at night, to be nicest that I can find.

Anyone else has discovered yummy chi gus for sale?

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  1. allenooi says:

    my acousin and aunty sell that last year. i’m not sure they do it this year for sale or not. i can ask for u if u want.

    i also like to eat leh….. hor chiak.

  2. Corsaro says:

    most excellent……hmmmmm……need to lose another 5 kg before I can eat with gusto for CNY…lol….

  3. lingzie says:

    allen – oh cool! could you ask for me? i wouldn’t mind trying them out…

    corsaro – you ah…no need la. just go eat! 😛

  4. buzzingbee says:

    My parents are hardworking enough to make it themselves…hehe! I wrote a short post about it too in my blog 🙂 Yummy Yummy!!

  5. lingzie says:

    buzzingbee – cool! homemade food is always the best! you can ‘customize’ it to any taste that you like. 🙂

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