Mee CRC @ Larut Cafe

At the corner of Larut Road and Bawasah Road lies a little kopitiam that normally wouldn’t catch one’s eye. But you shouldn’t dismiss this quiet old kopitiam several doors away from Dorsett Hotel (ex Sheraton Hotel), because it is where you can find the very unique Mee CRC. They serve 2 types of mee here – mee masak and mee goreng.

When I was young, I remember my grandpa bringing my brother and I to savor these plates of mee masak at the old stall which used to be located next to CRC (Chinese Recreation Club)  along Jalan Padang Victoria.

Somehow, as I grew older, I find that I don’t really enjoy mee masak anymore but my brother remains a steadfast fan. Recently, we went to get reacquainted with the mee masak once again.

Mee Masak

The mee masak here is different from all the other mee rebus and mee gorengs. This one is not cooked with the usual thick tomato and potato gravy. But instead comes with an egg based clear soup. It has all the other standard ingredients of the usual mee rebus – potatoes, ‘tau kua’ (soy bean cake) and strips of dried squid.

Mee masak

After not having this for so many years, I must say that it doesn’t have the ‘oomph’ from the old days. Maybe my tastebuds were different then when I was a kid. My brother too thought it wasn’t as good. But he still loved it all the same. RM4 a plate (for the big serving)

Mee CRC is open from 11.00am-7.30pm. Closed on Fridays.

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