2nd Flogger Makan-Makan Gathering on 27 September!!

Written by Lingzie

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Hi guys…. its makan-makan time again! Since we had so much fun the first time round at Hai Nan. And since we had requests to have another gathering… I am very happy to announce our 2nd gathering on 27 September!

Details –

Date: 27 September 2008 (Saturday)

Venue: Edelweiss Cafe @ Armenian Street

Time: 7pm onwards

All floggers interested to come makan-makan and have lots of fun, kindly email me – lingzie@gmail.com

Please RSVP before 23 September 2008!

We’ve arranged with the owner for set dinner at RM38nett. We’re targetting 35 people so that the owner can arrange for us to have the whole place to ourselves!

Apple Flan

Edelweiss’s Famed Apple Flan

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  1. What about non-floggies like me? Can join ar? 😛

  2. J2Kfm says:

    got it! 🙂
    the apple flan alone is worth the trip north …
    will confirm b4 23rd then.

  3. lingzie says:

    life for beginners – come! come!! i’m expecting you d hah… 😛

    J2Kfm – cool! hope to see you!! 🙂

  4. PenangTUaPui says:

    wow…. is makan makan time…… horey….

    lets have party…….

  5. vkeong says:

    Ooo.. have fun 😀

  6. GOsh got to miss this 🙁

  7. allenooi says:

    i think of going too. since i missed the last gathering, this time i will try to make it. i will confirm with either u or ck lam later, OK? 🙂

  8. jun says:

    im a reader of u guys blog.. but im not a flogger… can join ar?

  9. email2me says:

    I’ll be there …….

  10. Ah Shui says:

    Hi Lingzie, will confirm with you later…k?

  11. lingzie says:

    ah shui – ok! lemme know! hope you can come!

    email2me – yay!! looking forward to seeing you!

    allen – come la come la. 😛 let us know yeah.

    BBO – aiyo…that means no yummy desserts from you guys? 🙁

    Vkeong – you wont be back in penang during that date? 🙁

    penangtuapui – yup! its party time! cant wait!

  12. vkeong says:

    Paiseh, as you know I am currently based in Selangor 🙂 I will coming back during the Raya holidays though.

  13. lingzie says:

    vkeong – oh! you’ll be back for raya! would love to meet up if you have the time! 🙂

  14. cariso says:

    Hey, how’s the set dinner’s menu look like? Can’t wait to know leh….

  15. meiyi says:

    what’s a flogger?

  16. lingzie says:

    meiyi – food blogger = flogger 🙂

  17. Criz Lai says:

    Will confirm soonest possible. 90% chances I would be there to grow fat.. haha 😛


  18. Hello Lingzie- please confirm my participation for 2. I will be bringing my wife along too. She’s a big fan of your blog.:)

  19. lilian says:

    Arrggh…I forgot to post until now. Anyway, I just posted and I guess you can find places for those who want to join, right?

  20. Ah Shui says:

    Sorry Lingzie, I was late…is it possible if I request for 2 seats now?

  21. lingzie says:

    lilian – no worries. the restaurant just informed us that we should pre-order the meals now. 🙁

    ah shui – ok. i’ll put you in! 🙂

  22. bling says:

    saw this message from Lilian’s. i’m a penangite but just moved down to KL 3 months ago. i do some food blogging sometimes…urrh…too bad i can’t join.

    Enjoy yourself peeps. 🙂

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