Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Written by Lingzie

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Ah the month of February has dawned upon us once again, creeping up slowly but surely. And almost catching us unawares, as most of us are (still) busy with Chinese New Year. How time flies! In a little less than 2 weeks, comes the day of St Valentine. Too commercial and over-rated you say? Well, perhaps. But still. Love makes us do funny things. 🙂

love*Photo taken from Earring Addict. I love her work and this baby above is for sale over at her site!

And so, brings you a 2 part Valentine’s Day special this year. This first part will feature some ideas that go beyond the usual roses, chocolate and dinner. Ideas that may seem simple, but to me, will go a long way. Because after all, its not really how fancy the restaurant is or how expensive the roses are. Its the both of you, together, making memories. 🙂

(Plus these make great birthday and anniversary ideas too!)

Valentine’s Day Ideas:

1. Scrapbooking! Make a scrapbook for your loved one (as a gift) or take a private scrapbooking class together making each other a cherished gift. Smidapaper is running a “This is Love” scrapbooking class this Saturday, or you could talk to them about arranging a private class on V-day itself.


2. Have a “Picture Perfect” Outing. Grab a camera and visit picturesque places on the island like the Teluk Bahang Dam, Butterfly Farm and the Tropical Spice Garden (these places charge a minimal entrance fee that won’t hurt your pocket). Take lots of photos of the both of you together, crazy poses and all. Throw in fresh coconut juice (refreshing on a hot day), some lunch and you would have a near perfect outing! To make it perfect,  you can use those photos later on to make a collage or even a photo book.


3. Cook your own 3 course meal, complete with table setting. Show off your culinary skills with your signature dishes. And for dessert, you can never go wrong with a pint of Haagen Daz ice cream 🙂 (you can always cheat by dressing it up with some fruits, whipped cream etc and calling it your own creation!)


4. Since this year’s Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday, grab the opportunity to go for a short day trip! Pulau Payar Marine Park is nearby and guarantees a day of fun in the sun! Snorkelling, fish feeding, diving and sun bathing!

5.  For the adventurous, why not plan a day of hiking up to Muka Head/Pantai Kerachut? Make your way to the Penang National Park in Teluk Bahang and start your hiking trail from there.  Remember to pack a picnic lunch too!

Other interesting ideas/Splurge ideas:

1. Couple’s spa sessions! Lots of spas to choose from in Penang, so take your pick!

2. A pampering weekend getaway at a beach hotel in Penang

3. Valentine’s Day cruise round Penang Island (spotted this at the Visit Penang page and it looks interesting! Do call them for more details as I myself am not too sure how it works)

And if you’re in KL:

4. Hot air balloon ride!! I’ve just called the event company that organized “Love on the Air” balloon ride last year for V-day. They have not confirmed this year’s venue but they do say that they are working on it. So, if you’re interested, do give them a call!

Stay tuned for Part 2 –’s top restaurant picks for Valentine’s Day! hereby declares that she has not received any compensation, monetary or otherwise, from the vendors/suppliers/service providers mentioned in this post. She simply loves their products/services and thinks that they deserve a mention.

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  1. I can’t wait to see your post on your Reunion Dinner… V-day?? Nahh… not anymore. Save for the rainy days due to bad times. 🙁

    New Kid On The Blog´s last blog post..Reunion Dinner @ Vistana Hotel

  2. Criz Lai says:

    Hmm… Scrapbooking? I think she had enough of that for the last 5 years. 😛 Picture perfect outing? Awww… how to get a camera shy person to shoot so many? Haha! Cook a 3-course meal? She had more than 5-courses all the time. That’s the reason I just posted up a fat burning recipe a few minutes ago 😛 Pulau Payar? Sounds interesting but she had gone for too many deep sea fishing trip already. Hiking? Hmm… I think this fat couple rather take a boat trip to and fro to enjoy the beautiful scenery.. haha.

    Spa? interesting but no budget with all the RMxxx per session 😛 Beach Hotel? Too frequent to the beach to spy on monkeys.. haha. Island Cruise? Have seen the whole Penang island many times by boat too. Hot air balloon? Eeee… both of us are afraid of heights 😛

    Don’t take it seriously ok? Just a bit of jokes here to cheer up this festive moods. As for me, I would rather stay home, avoid the traffic and pricey restaurants and cuddle away munching chips while watching movies together. That’s the best for me when you have someone who’s out of the country most of the time. 🙂

    You might want to add this in too. Compile a CD of the songs both of you had shared and loved during your relationship. If possible, make it look like those professional ones with CD cover photos and that’s the only one in the world. 🙂

    Criz Lai´s last blog post..HEALTHY HAWTHORN JUICE FOR THE BODY

  3. We are wondering what Lingzie be doing on Valentine’s Day?m 🙂

    Big Boys Oven´s last blog post..

  4. wah now you become the promoting embessador for Penang Butterfly Farm, Pulau Paya Marine Park etc. Good leh. I got an idea, why not you create an simple yet enjoyment Valentine Packages for the lovers? Like that you can generate more income for Penang State dispite resession. Btw, I have contact to Penang Butterfly Farm I can intro to you for special price, infact the website is created by him 🙂´s last blog post..Another Hidden Treasure – Cheap, Nice Seafood @ Yong Xing Restaurant Sungai Puyu, Penang

  5. lingzie says:

    new kid on the blog – romance doesn’t have to be expensive. heehee. just takes some imagination 🙂 as for CNY reunion dinner… i didn’t take much photos! cos too busy with the preparation until forgot! but i’ve got a abalone & broccoli recipe coming up! 🙂

    criz – hahahaha! eh your idea veli good la. i forgot to include the all time favourite of compiling a cd! good one!

    BBO – hehehe i also have no idea what i’m doing on Vday. 😛

    steven – actually i just thought to remind everyone a bit about these beautiful places cos we tend to take things in our own backyard for granted. i recently went to the butterfly farm again and had a lot of fun! you know the guy who created the website? cool! i think he did a great job with it. 🙂

  6. renaye says:

    very cool idea! so which idea r u going to practise?

  7. lingzie says:

    hi renaye! i’m waiting for him to surprise me. haha! but i am making a scrapbook for him 🙂

  8. Ah Shui says:

    Wau, listed so many ideas…but went I click on scrapbook course link, “The requested URL /classes.php was not found on this server.” is pop out. why har?

    Ah Shui´s last blog post..Kuih Puluh

  9. lingzie says:

    hi ah shui! i just got an sms from smidapaper that the class is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances! 🙁 i actually signed up for the class. but can still view their site for more scrapbooking info ( and i think there’s something wrong with their site for now. i can’t seem to access it either. PS: you can ask MC for more info! heehee

  10. valentine day? when is tat? *hehe..joking only..* But yes..we do tk for granted wat we hv right in our backyards..

    thenomadGourmand´s last blog post..Add pizzazz to your pizzas at Papa Johns, Berjaya Times Square

  11. beansprout says:

    hey i love ur ideas bout V-Day. Enjoy reading ur blog too! ^^

  12. vkeong says:

    Wah… so many ideas.. is it a hint to your bf on how to celebrate it? LOL

    I myself would probably celebrate it over a simple dinner.. economy bad, what to do

    vkeong´s last blog post..Restoran Kapitan’s Famous Naan and Tandoori @ Lebuh Chulia

  13. cariso says:

    Adui, Lingzie so keng! Faster lah posting your top restaurant picks for Valentine’s Day ! :p

    cariso´s last blog post..???? (Che 6 Che 7) Activities

  14. Brilliant ideas… but I think I’m just gonna be cheap and give my honey bunny a big, wet KISS! 😛

    Life for Beginners´s last blog post..The Last Days of Loh Sang

  15. lingzie says:

    thenomadGourmand – lol!!

    beansprout – hi there! thank you!

    vkeong – erm not really hinting to the guy la… but he should ‘sek chou’ 😛 i think we’re going simple too 🙂

    cariso – top restaurant picks coming up! need to make some calls first 🙂

    life for beginners – what a splendid idea my friend! lol!!

  16. cyn says:

    any of them u can recommend in kl / pj area? selangor i mean

  17. ladyironchef says:

    haha good ideas, i particularly love the scrapbook one, so nice to do something for your love one, instead of buying the typical perfume, clothes, jewellery etc : )

    ladyironchef´s last blog post..Bakerzin III: Macarons & friends

  18. Hey , I have just posted a little something similar on the subject off Valentine’s Day Ideas That Won’t Burn A Hole in Your Pocket | Lingzie's Tummy Treats on my web-site last week. How tiny is the internet 🙂

  19. Zoe Murphy says:

    Sometimes it is hard to think of a Birthday Idea, most of the time i want something which is both funny and sentimental.`~”

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