Ritz Bakery @ Prima Tanjung

I have been wanting to blog about this lovely bakery, and just as I was thinking about it sometime back, 5Xmom beat me to it! 🙂

So finally, here’s my entry about Ritz Bakery…This bakery is one of my favourites as they make some of the best-est cakes in Penang, in my opinion. Definitely better than Secret Recipe too! (never really like the cakes at Secret Recipe) They have a variety of beautiful, unique cakes and I love picking something different to try every time I visit. They also have new offerings every now and then and on a daily basis they have cheesecakes going at special (cheaper) prices.

My favourites at Ritz include green tea cake (it has layers of green tea and creamy red bean), Tiramisu and their cheesecakes. On this visit, we selected 4 different cakes.


Tiramisu (the round one), New cake – Green Tea Cheese Cake (some of it missing because I greedily took a bite before remembering that I haven’t taken a photo!), Black and White (layers of white chocolate, dark chocolate and cake) and Lemon Meringue.

I LOVED the green tea cheesecake – the cheese taste blended very well with the green tea, not too sweet and not too rich. The tiramisu is of course lovely, but I do think that its a tad expensive and you can get better value buying the equally tasty Tiramisu from Bella Italia.

The Lemon Meringue takes a bit of getting used to, as its sour-y sweet.

I had tasted the Black and White cake previously, and this time I noticed they changed the recipe a lil. Previously, the cake was all made up of white chocolate and dark chocolate cream. I had wanted to order a larger (2kg) Black and White cake previously and was told that couldn’t make it. Something about it melting… so now, they’ve added some sponge cake layers into it so that it doesn’t melt so easily.

Ritz Cakes

So, the next time you’re in Fettes Park/Tanjung Bungah area, do pop by Prima Tanjung and pay Ritz Bakery a visit (Its a small very dignified looking shop a few doors away from CIMB bank and 7-Eleven).

Updated: I’ve received many requests for Ritz Bakery’s phone number… So here it is 04-8991254  🙂

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  1. Nice bakery shop! frankly speaking, in my memory, I am still live in the age of EDEN cake house..not knowing that Penang now are full of trendy cake house, should try one when back to Penang. By the way, I was told that the cake house ( I forget the name!!) near Pulau Tikus is good too! Have you try it?


  2. cs – you should go!! its so near…just walk downstairs during your lunch hour and pick up a cake or two… 🙂

    naturepretender – heehee…hope you will like the cakes as much as i do.

    coketai – heehee to me, Eden cake house conjures up images of cakes stuffed with way too much cream! (eee…’jilak’ man!) The cake house near Pulau tikus…hmm, i believe you are referring to Jenny’s Cake House at Pulau Tikus (near Bandar Baru supermarket & Pulau Tikus Market) Jenny’s is famous for her cheese cakes.

  3. i also like the cakes. but recently i wanna order the black & white for a bigger 1 but i has been told tat it cannot be make even is month early, because they don make bigger size 1. and my favor light and shop cheese cake also very nice but they also never make due to they say it was not selling too good dee

  4. try the Bananier too! i love it and the White Forest is as good. actually i love all the cakes there. hehe 🙂

  5. you should try http://www.getacake.blogspot.com. she’s based in penang too and bake from home. good to know that it’s fresh 🙂
    her moist chocolate cake is spectacular! and her cake designs is sooo unique. good pricing too. had a house warming the other day, and u can see the pictures there. i think cupcakes need to move over. hehehehe

  6. OK Only la……not that superb.secret recipe r better.in fact my neighbour makes the best pastries & cakes.she makes awesome taste.you wont want to eat others. jojie u r superb baker.i salute u.

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