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I know I’ve been somewhat neglecting my blog. Am in KL again for work (was here since Sunday) and will be going back tomorrow. The amount of traveling I’m doing this month has been quite crazy! And I’m feeling just a bit under the weather right now. Scratchy throat and sniffles… hope it turns out to be nothing serious.

Have lots of photos to edit and upload and loads of entries to write…but today, I’m just feeling a bit…blue. Maybe its the scratchy throat and sniffles getting to me. I dunno. I just know that sometimes I’m too stubborn for my own good.

Sigh…ok….enough about the blues…. here’s a nice colorful, healthy, yummy plate of sushi to chase away the blues…..

Sushi platter

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  1. cbenc12 says:

    My! That looks so delicious~!! I like sushi~ *DROOLING*

  2. lingzie says:

    heehee it does look good doesn’t it? will do a review of the restaurant where I ate this soon…

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