When your craving for chocolate threatens to drive you mad…

Written by Lingzie

Topics: Dessert, Gurney Plaza

try this….

Molten Choc Cake

molten choc cake2

Warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling….served with vanilla ice cream on top, under a crunchy chocolate shell, with just a touch of caramel drizzle. Enough to send you to chocolicious, chocolate heaven!

Chocolate never tasted quite this good…..

Molten choc cake3

Molten Chocolate Cake from Chili’s. Pure Chocolate Heaven.

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  1. corsaro says:

    oh my goodness……this is causing a volcanic eruption in my belly…..oh gosh its 11:25pm….where and what to satiate my chocalicious depression….~LOL~

  2. snapshots says:

    yum yum, at chili’s you say, to bad it is not avaliable in Penang

  3. lingzie says:

    corsaro – too bad chili’s doesnt open 24 hrs like McD….so guess you’ll have to make do with a bar of Snickers first… 🙂

    snapshots – Pg got chili’s! in gurney plaza. 🙂

  4. Wilson says:

    so richy in chocos… that probably will make gain another couple of kgs

  5. Libragirl says:

    I’ve tried the molten chocolate cake at Chilli’s. What can I say? Pure orgasmic pleasure in choco heaven….LOL

  6. Shimin says:

    where you tried this ?

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