Why I Want to Eat At Fridays?

Since today IS Friday and since Fridays ad will appear on this blog for this week, what better time than today to post this entry…..Why I Want to Eat at Fridays? (contest courtesy of Fridays to buy 50 Nuffnangers dinner!!So if you want in on this faster go blog about it!)

I want to eat at Fridays because…..

The food is good, with lots of variety…..(and I do mean lots and lots and lots…)

Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings


Southwestern Shrimp Caesar Salad


Jack Daniel’s Steak

Grilled Salmon

Jack Daniel’s Salmon

Texas Ribeye

Barbeque Beef Ribs


Chicken Fingers


Jack Daniel’s Chicken (with very yummy mash potatoes!)

Chic Taco

Extreme Buffalo Chicken Tacos


Mocha Mudslide

Their menu is so extensive that you’d take quite a while to sample everything on the menu. So far, my favourites are the Buffalo Wings, Philly Cheese steak Sandwich and Three For All.

And of course, other than the great food and huge portions…another reason why I want to eat at Fridays is because they throw one heck of a birthday party!

TGIF party

TGIF party2

They all sing with such gusto that probably one of the questions they ask potential employees during their interviews is “can you sing?” or more likely “are you willing to sing birthday songs for our customers and are you willing to sing it well, giving it your 100%?”

I totally just love it when they break out into their birthday song routine, clapping and tapping away.

We had a birthday party (20pax) at TGIF Queensbay Mall in May and it was way cool. Everything went smoothly, they got us to pre-order our meals and later when we asked to split the bill individually, they obliged.

So with great food, friendly staff and great atmosphere…why NOT eat at Fridays?


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