Unique Chinese Pancakes @ Cathay Kopitiam, Pulau Tikus

First of all, I must apologize for my inactivity last week. My streamyx at home was down for almost a week…and I could feel my fingers itching to edit & upload photos and do a blog entry… Luckily everything’s back to normal and I’m back with a vengeance! (which means…more food!!)

So to celebrate, I’m posting an entry on one of my favourite foods….I love love love these chinese pancakes…made with raisins and bananas and topped with sesame seeds, which can be found at Cathay Kopitiam in Pulau Tikus.

Chinese Pancake

These pancakes are so popular there is usually a very long wait for them. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your plate of yummy pancakes in about 15-20mins! Sometimes when the orders get too overwhelming the aunty will tell you ‘boh liao boh liao’ (finish already)!

I think these pancakes are unique to Penang as I’ve never seen them sold anywhere else. When I was younger, my dad used to buy them for me from the kopitiam off Beach Street but they don’t sell them anymore now. Cathay kopitiam is the only place I know of now that sells these pancakes.

Cathay kopitiam is only open for breakfast til about noon from Mon-Sat. They’re closed on Sundays…which leaves me very little opportunities to eat here. So its a real treat when I get to eat them! The pancakes come in 3 sizes small (Rm2.50), medium (RM3.00) and large (RM3.50).

Other than the wonderful pancakes, this kopitiam also has very delicious Curry Mee featured in the Rasa-rasa Penang book.

Cathay curry mee

Another hawker food that you seldom see these days, which can be found here, is the ‘Koay Ciap’ – flour noodles served with duck meat soup. This dish was a favourite of my late grandma, but somehow I never developed a taste for it, mainly because I don’t really like duck meat. But those who love this dish say that the Koay Ciap here is excellent!

Koay Ciap

This kopitiam also has delicious Fish Meat Bee Hoon (dried or soup version). I prefer the dried version which is more unique. Plus the fish meat is also fresh.

Fish meat bee hoon

I also enjoy the apom manis sold just outside the kopitiam.

Apom Manis

Apom manis2

Do drop by this place for breakfast if you’re around the Pulau Tikus area. It won’t disappoint! Cathay kopitiam is at the corner of Burmah Road and Lorong Kuching, opposite Belissa Row, next to Denise Wine Shop. Take note though that they’re closed on Sundays and they open for breakfast til about 12-1pm.


  1. Your pancake is also sold by a lau e in this old warehouse lookalike kopitiam by on the narrow street along Beach Street. It is actually beside Standard Chartered, along the way to Maybank. Try it. You probably don’t have to wait that long and most of the time, she always ‘uu’.

  2. hey, that lady still selling ar? thats the place my dad bought from when i was young! i thought that place no more already…ok ok..i shall go check it out!

  3. Yea, in fact, the one at Maybank is tastier I think. I like that auntie’s pancake more.

    Besides, the koay chiap the other day I ate, okay nia la. The “koay” is a little thicker than I like it to be. I am fussy I guess.

    But one thing I cannot tahan is the crowd. So many people. We even have to stand there and wait for our seats.

  4. Lingzie,
    Your pic. of the delicious chinese pancake looks good. It used to be my favourite….I used to get it at Union Street (near Maybank) years ago but I think most of the hawkers at that coffeeshop has shifted elsewhere. I love it very much…will try the Cathay coffeeshop one cos nowadays I dont use Maybank there anymore….Karen

  5. ping ping – yea i also cannot tahan the crowd…but sometimes i just miss the pancake too much! heehee.. i must go and see if the one at maybank is still there…because i thought they moved…will go check it out soon!

    karen – i have tried the new lane one..the portion very big!too much for me! heehee…

  6. oh, lingtze, you must bring me to this place to eat when I go to Penang. I love all the food you post. But at least have to wait until December la, cause i’m on my diet now until Kitman’s wedding. bohohoho

  7. Kuay Chap made of duck? What bollocks. Kuay Chap, a teochew specialty, is made of wholesome pig goodness. You should look up the Chinese word “??” and see for yourself. It’s one of the staples of Singapore breakfast. Pork. Innards. Plus nightmare version of kway teow. Accept no substitute.

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