Bella Italia @ Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus

Bella Italia at Bellisa Row is most definitely my favourite Italian restaurant in Penang. It’s our family’s place to go to whenever we have something to celebrate!

Bella Italia is a cosy little restaurant especially popular with the expats staying around Pulau Tikus area. During the weekends, its almost always full. So a reservation is necessary unless you do not mind waiting.

My family and I have our own favourite dishes at this place. Starting off, we almost always order the Calamari. Crispy bites of squids served with a tangy mayonnaise sauce. The calamari here is never rubbery tough and I suspect one of the reasons is that the squid rings are cut into thinner slices.


Bella Italia also serves up a really tasty plate of bruschetta. Slices of soft chewy baguette topped with chopped tomatoes and olives infused with olive oil and garlic…Pure gastronomic heaven! This bruschetta will not disappoint! I’ve tried the bruschetta at other Italian restaurants in Penang and so far, the ones here win hands down!


Another must order is their Fettucini Carbonara. The fettucini is cooked just right – not too soggy and not too hard, and topped with just the right amount of thick and creamy sauce with lots of chicken ham and mushrooms.

Fettucini Carbonara

During this particular visit, we also ordered their Seafood Spaghetti cooked with olive oil. I like the spaghetti here. It’s a thinner version and has more ‘bite’ to it and they definitely do not overcook it! What’s more the olive oil version of their spaghettis always come with lots of garlic slices.

Seafood spaghetti

We also ordered our usual pepperoni pizza but this time, we asked for mushrooms to be added. In my opinion, Bella Italia serves the best pizzas in Penang. The pizza crust is thin but not overly so, slightly crunchy. And they’re not stingy with their toppings either.

Pepperoni & mushroom pizza

Other than the usual pizzas and pastas, Bella Italia also has a selection of meat & fish dishes. During this visit, we decided to try the Cod Fish cooked with tomatoes and eggplant and served with potato cake. Surprisingly the tomatoes and eggplant went really well together and complimented the fish. This, I like!

Cod Fish

Bella Italia also serves good lasagna and risotto which not many Italian restaurants here serve.

And not forgetting dessert… Bella Italia is the place with very very yummy tiramisu. They make their own tiramisu, fresh everyday and is undoubtedly one of their best sellers.


Bella Italia is located at 368-1-7 Jalan Burma, Bellisa Row, 10350 Penang. For reservations, call 04-2272195. They are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner.


  1. Evil evil evil evil………………LOL!….no treats here for me..and its almost always after the PM…no nice lah you….LOL!….

  2. Food there is expensive, but then they serve good food. My dad and mom don’t eat Italian food a lot because they don’t like the cheese, but I like it. I like the seafood soup, got oyster in side one and the Pizza is nice. Good one. =)

  3. corsaro – i’m sure you can whip a bruschetta in no time! 😛

    hor ny ang moh – hie! nice to see you again!

    ping ping – this place is quite pricey, usually our bill comes up to around RM100 for 5 persons (usually order a calamari, 1 pizza, 2 pastas and tiramisu)

    nicholas – i must try the seafood soup next time! thanks!

  4. ahhhh… I knew this place too. The owner is my neighbour hehehhe… You must try also their brick oven pizzas at Batu Ferringhi – the first resto after the Ferringhi bazzar, next to an empty lot. You can park your vehicles nearby the bazzar. What I can say is this… his ingredients is fresh everyday. He always took his cooking dept to fresh market and he prefered to use local produces for his resto. Just don’t tell him I told this in here. He may knew it’s me ..;-)


    1. hahaha I know all the owners of the restaurant. Which owner you know? 😀

      Definitely! I agree that TIRAMISU is so fucking good! OH MY! I always eat tiramisu there! The soft tiramsu burst into my mouth! I miss eating tiramisu now 🙁 sad face.
      Yes it’s true they always buy fresh seafood and meat at TESCO.

  5. One of the best Italian restaurants in Penang. The usual orders for my bf and I are calamari, pizza, fettucine carbonara and spaghetti bolognese. Their lasagna, calzone and antipasto are good too. Also, there used to be an Indian man working there who could speak Japanese fluently so it works for my bf.On our most recent visit, we didn’t see the Indian man…wonder what happened to him.
    .-= Jean´s last blog ..@Home Maid Cafe In Akihabara- Tokyo =-.

    1. hi jean… if i’m not wrong, the indian man was working at Opera (in Upper Pg Road) after that. But now, Opera has closed down so i’m not sure where he is attached to.

  6. Yes, Bella Italia was the best Italian restaurant in Town, I loved to go there, warm environment, friendly staff especially the Manager of the Restaurant, he’s been there for years, very good service.

  7. Services and Food were fabulous! Before we could order our dessert Tiramisu, it was served as a surprise(on the house).Credit to Mr.IZ and his Team for a memorable 30th Wedding Anniversary!Strongly recommend to friends.

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