My CNY in photos…

Whew… have disappeared for more than a week! So time to quit bumming around, get over the holiday mood and get back to blogging! 🙂

Over the Chinese New Year, a the tour guide from Southeast Asia Travel Blog sent me an email, asking about the typical types of food one would eat during the Chinese New Year. So I happily took some photos and sent it to him along with some descriptions, which later appeared on his blog. Do check out the write up and gallery here!

Meanwhile…some CNY food photos….

Kuih kapek

Kuih kapek from the buffet line at Spice Market Cafe, Rasa Sayang Resort

Ribbon biscuit

Ribbon biscuit

More cookies

Peanut cookies and dried prawn rolls

Nian Gao

My favourite ‘Nian Gao’ or ‘Ti Kuih’ (in Hokkien) I love them steamed and eaten with dessicated coconut. Haven’t eaten them yet this year, cause my mom hasn’t had time to steam them and buy the dessicated coconut!

Pineapple tarts

Pineapple tarts!! My very very favourite CNY cookie! 🙂

Longan and mandarin orange

And what is Chinese New Year without longans and mandarin oranges?

Last but not least… some lion dance photos…

CNY lion dance3

CNY Lion dance2

I tell you I kinda got freaked out a bit by them lions. Because they came into the restaurant, which was kinda cramped (with all the food and the people). Nearly got mowed down by the lions as they maneuvered their way around! 😛

CNY red lion dance

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Still got Chap Goh Meh to look forward to! 🙂

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  1. kuih kapit …wah your photos still have tit bits in them…mine are all empty save for some crumb or aroma……lol…….my mum usually hides her stash so they dun disappear before CNY!

  2. jian – yeah its hard to find really buttery pineapple cookies…

    vkeong – yep, they had kuih kapit at the buffet. gives its a more festive feel. 🙂 guess everyone loves pineapple tarts!!

    nkotb – i dont think i’m gonna post up photos of the rasa sayang buffet. its pretty similar to the one i went to last year (which i also posted)

    corsaro – heehee so drastic ah? then you need to stock up more… 😛

  3. oh my goodness, those peanut cookie pictures!! I’ve been craving for that exactly for the longest time and now I see it.. 🙁 I don’t suppose there’s any leftovers? 😀

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