Happy 1st Anniversary to Tummy Treats!!

Wow its been a year since I started this blog… Time sure flies… but I’m not complaining because it has been loads of fun!

Ice cream

It has been a real treat seeing this humble lil’ blog of mine grow and until now I am still so grateful to all the people who drop by to visit and say hi. My heart still gets a lil’ flutter of excitement whenever I check my mail and see a ‘new comment on your blog’ email waiting for me….

Ice cream3

So thank you!! Thank you to everyone single one of you who have visited, emailed, and left comments (we all love comments!!). Thank you lots and lots to CS Lim of Netizens Media and Increseo. Thank you to my wonderful friends on the blogosphere. And thank you to my family and friends who have gotten so used to me snatching away their food to take photos before they can dig in!

Ice cream2

I look forward to more exciting culinary adventures and blogging about them (all while trying NOT to add inches to the waistline!!) So do stay tuned for more, coming right at ya! 🙂

Ice cream4

Oh and what’s with all the ice cream you ask? All from Haagen Dazs too I might add…

Well I didn’t have any photos of birthday cakes…so I figured sinfully good ice cream would be the next best thing to celebrate! Happy birthday to my blog!!:)

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  1. wah nice ice cream!!!! i want i want….

    congrats ya on your 1st annivesary!! glad to know u through blogging as well.

    keep up the good work and post more food photos.

    btw, didn’t see u online msn. u there oe or not? 🙂

  2. thank you allen! actually i’m seldom on msn… i don’t have the habit of logging onto msn.. 🙂

    samantha – thank you thank you! yes can hear you belt it out!! 🙂

  3. Dear Lingzie,

    Congrats on your 1st Anniversary. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed reading your blog. Most of all, thanks for ideas of where and what to eat. Can you hear my tummy nodding in agreement?


  4. Hie there,
    My aunt is a close friend of your aunt BJ, and your aunt wrote an email to mine telling her about your foodblog. I do the same “Waitttt.. don’t eat first!Let me take the picts first” stunt everytime I’m having a meal with her and my family too.

    Cool site you’ve got there babes. Mind if I add your link on my food blog too?


  5. gina – yep it is hardwork isn’t it?! but i love it. thank you!!

    beejay – thank you! you know how much i love food.. hehe

    celine – nvm, can still do belated first anniversary post!

    jian – thank you! chicken rice is not pathetic la…chicken rice i think is part of our malaysian ‘heritage’ food! 🙂

  6. lolz heritage when u go to good chicken rice stall. My fren tar pao from sg dua for me. =.= imagine very little chicken pieces scattered all over the rice with 3 piece cucumber and plain looking rice :S no choice either i eat my rice or my assignment papers…zzzz

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