David Brown’s Restaurant @ Strawberry Hill/Penang Hill – Part 2

Ah…here comes the food! Continued from my previous post.

Upon walking into David Brown’s restaurant, we were brought to our table… and it was a sight to behold! Those chairs are really comfortable by the way… perfect for chillin’ out after a scrumptious meal, sipping teas and just enjoying the nice cool weather!

David Brown’s table setting

We browsed through their menus and after much deliberation we ordered. The food took a while to be served because they wanted to serve everything almost at the same time. The first to arrive was the Smokehouse Cream Tea set (RM28) which comes with scones and fruitcake. A friend had ordered this because they were already feeling hungry…
David Brown’s Smokehouse Cream Tea

They have quite an extensive menu with a lil something for everyone, even some local delights. I spotted the Beef Wellington(RM68) and almost pounced on it (evidence of too much Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word where he featured this delectable dish!). But, I was swayed by the Roast Sirloin with Yorkshire Pudding (RM60) instead. Another friend ordered their Beef Wellington which we are told is their signature dish.

David Brown’s Beef Wellington

The Beef Wellington doesn’t really look like Gordon Ramsay’s version but my friend enjoyed it.

David Brown’s Roast Sirloin with Yorkshire Pudding

I loved my Roast Sirloin! It’s a big portion with 4 slices of soft tender and very flavorful sirloin beef! A lil on the salty side but still yummy!

I also had a bite of the Devilled Chicken (RM38). It had hints of curry without being too spicy. More like a dry mild curry.

David Brown’s Devilled Chicken

Other dishes that my friends ordered…

David Brown’s Fish N Chips

Fish and Chips (RM38), an old fashioned simple favourite thats easy on the palate.

David Brown’s Mixed Grill

The Mixed Grill (RM50). Its huge! The guy who ordered this thought it was the best way to have a taste of everything! But I do think that they need to improve on their presentation for this.

David Brown’s Chicken Ala King

Chicken Ala King (RM38).

David Brown’s Roast Lamb

Roast Lamb (RM58). All the meat dishes came with a choice of sauces and we chose the black pepper sauce. The lamb looks divine does it not?

Finally, we had dessert. I ordered their Bombe Alaska (meant for 2 persons). I have never tried this dessert but have always been rather fascinated by it. So imagine my delight when I was presented with this…

David Brown’s Bombe Alaska

This version of Bombe Alaska had vanilla ice cream, mixed fruits and a biscuit base underneath all that lovely meringue.

David Brown’s dessert

I found the meringue too sweet for my liking. So we ended up eating what’s underneath that meringue. The biscuit/cookie used for the base was too hard as well.

David Brown’s Bombe Alaska2

Priced at RM40 for this dessert, I thought it was not really worth it. Perhaps their other desserts on the menu such as the apple pie and bread and butter pudding would be a better choice.

After our leisurely lunch, and all the plates have been cleared away, we stayed on to catch up with each other, lounging oh so comfortably. Throughout lunch, the sky got a bit dark and gusts of lovely cool wind blew at us, making us tremble slightly with glee. Luckily the weather held up and the sun was soon out again.

Overall, we had a lovely time at David Brown’s. Everyone enjoyed the food albeit being a bit pricey for Penang standards. Service was a bit too laidback for my liking and at a leisurely pace. My main gripe was that they just didn’t refill our water! We had to request for more water more than once. And the waiter would just refill my particular glass, ignoring the rest!

Still…if you’re looking for a place that’s different, beautiful and romantic, David Brown’s would be it!

Instead of taking the tram, there is the option of hiring 4WDs at RM60 (for 4 persons). Do contact the restaurant to make the arrangements.

David Brown’s is open 9am-9pm daily. T:04-828 8337


  1. nktob – 🙂 hope you get to visit this place soon!

    kenny – lol i think me more greedy-er than you la! im the one with the food blog!! 😛

  2. Very interesting.. I think the last time I went up there, it was being renovated? But I’ve always loved this part of Penang hill. Yeah, the food is pricey, but even so for the local food up there which, I guess it’s because they have to spend a lot of money to bring the food from down hill.. The dishes seems very interesting and I certainly love the environment there! Would be nice to have a wedding up there 🙂

  3. gina – yeah it is a bit pricey…so only for special occasions! 🙂

    MyF – i think this placed opened last year, so before that it would have been under renovation. and yes this would be a beautiful place for a wedding!

  4. lingzie, i have been there with family, the view and the garden were amazing, great place for drinks and ice cream. As for the food, that is a another story, my husband ordered beef wellington, it was a disaster~!!! Tasted like rotten meat. We also ordered the inchi kabin, they were tasteless. My sister ordered chocalate crepes, it was alright. So it is a place for dessert and drinks and to enjoy the garden and view. Definately not for the food for us. Very PRICEY for rotten meat.

  5. the dessert – Bombe Alaska does look tempting n brings back happy memories. Used to be served in coffeehouses back then. Tks for sharing…

  6. This place really looks great. I’m glad that smokehouse management took over this establishement. As for the food, it doesnt look edible at all. I dont think its difficult to get reasonably good chefs to whip up english dishes. Maybe the management show showcase fusion food also. I’ve tasted resonably priced food from ZangToi in KL Pavilion, the presentation was good and the food was fabulous and the cost was about RM35 for 2 fusion dishes + drinks (well presented peach tea). I would think that this restaurant has great potential provided the food improves significantly. PS they can serve in rectangular ceramic instead of the ugly round plates

  7. I first saw pictures of this place. It’s breath-taking.

    From the above pictures, the food don’t look that impressive, especially for the price paid for.

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