David Brown’s Restaurant @ Strawberry Hill/Penang Hill – Part 1

Written by Lingzie

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Over the weekend, I finally had the chance to visit David Brown’s Restaurant up on Penang Hill. A blog reader had previously told me about this place and I have been wanting to go ever since. A group of us took the tram up on a Sunday. Its been soooo long since I went up Penang Hill! Tram tickets are now RM4 (return trip) for adults and RM2 for children.

Penang Hill tram schedule

The tram ride up to David Brown’s (located just near the upper station) took about 30minutes.

David Brown’s menu

The view up at Penang Hill is definitely breathtaking! And upon arrival at David Brown’s, I just went snap happy, snapping photos of everything. I took so many photos that I’ll have to split up this review into two parts. This first one will feature the scenery..while the next one will of course feature the food!

So…we’ll let the photos speak for themselves, shall we?  🙂

David Brown’s lily pond

David Brown’s scenery

David Brown’s scenery2

Like what you see so far? Beautiful place isn’t it?

David Brown’s stairs

Spotted this lil frog in the lotus pond…

David Brown’s frog in lily pond

The interior of David Brown’s bungalow…

David Brown’s interior

More scenery…

David Brown’s scenery3

David Brown’s pond

For more info on the history of Strawberry Hill/Penang Hill and on David Brown’s Restaurant, see here.

Coming up next…the food! 🙂

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  1. Kenny Mah says:

    Love the pond with the lotus flowers… So serene. 🙂

    But where’s the makan? Can’t wait for Part 2! Suspense onli…

  2. little inbox says:

    My last visit to Penang Hill was almost 7 years ago for a family gathering. I really love the beatiful scenery. Shall plan another trip there.

  3. what2see says:

    everything is so ‘english’.could not imagine those photos were taken in Penang. can’t wait to visit this place…and seeing yr food review

  4. lingzie says:

    kenny – makan part2 coming!! tonite..when i get home. 🙂 the lotus flowers very nice right? i took so many photos of everything! lol

    little inbox – i think many penangites take penang hill for granted. i think my previous visit was also about 5 years ago. it can be quite packed during the weekends though.

    what2see – really feels like you are not in penang up there! plus the weather is quite cool, especially when its windy! 🙂

  5. Ji Mui~ says:

    Ji mui~
    quickly post part 2 – all about food~ pleaseee
    let’s plan another trip up to Penang Hill, what about … in 2 weeks time? 🙂
    i couldn’t believe i really missed it 🙁 it’s such a lovely place that i missed having fun with you guys … sob sob

  6. lingzie says:

    ji mui – i’m doing the post now ya..be patient! 😛
    so sorry you had to miss the outing…it’ll be fun to go up again! 🙂

  7. gina says:

    That is a very nice shot of the little frog. 😀

  8. lingzie says:

    gina – yup! its one of my favourite shots that day! but i must say, it IS easier to get nice photos during the day with nice sunlight… 🙂

  9. Samantha says:

    lingtze, I want to go there, bring me there… please…hehe, got a lot of nice pictures, you are getting more and more professional o…gambate

  10. Sock Peng says:

    can we stay and chit chating in The interior of David Brown’s bungalow…? any drinks serve in there??

  11. lingzie says:

    sock peng – yes you can stay and chit chat inside the bungalow. there are tables inside too. and you can just order drinks (they have a variety of teas and juices) or some desserts. its a nice place to chill out and enjoy the view and the cool weather.

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