Unique Pork Satay @ Bangkok Lane

Satay‘ is probably one of the best loved snacks in Malaysia and Asia even, with each country having their own special way of making satay.

Tucked away in Bangkok Lane in Pulau Tikus, Penang, is an eccentric uncle hawking his unique pork satay (currently priced at RM0.50 per stick, used to be only 40cents a few months ago!). He is usually at Bangkok Lane with his old push cart stall by 8am, tending to his charcoal fire – not too fiery but just nice to barbeque those delectable sticks of pork satay.

Bangkok lane pork satay

What makes this pork satay unique is the marinade, which I’m sure is a tightly guarded secret recipe. But I do detect hints of tumeric which gives the meat a nice yellow tint. Doesn’t that look inviting? Slices of thoroughly marinated pork perfectly barbequed with slightly crispy edges.

Bangkok Lane pork satay2

The accompanying sauce is also something special. Instead of the usual spicy peanut sauce, we get a potato based sauce with a slightly sweet aftertaste, which works surprisingly well with the meat. I’ve never tasted satay sauce quite like this.

Bangkok Lane Pork Satay Sauce

The uncle is usually at Bangkok Lane every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from around 8am onwards til about 11am (or until he’s all sold out). He can be quite elusive sometimes. I remember once we craved these satays and went looking for him 4 Saturday mornings in a row, only to be met with disappointment. Turns out he was off on holiday for about a month!

You have the option of standing by the roadside and eating the satay freshly barbequed right off his grill, or he can send them to you if you’re eating at the kopitiam nearby (at the corner of Burmah Road and Bangkok Lane which is famous for Indian Mee Rebus). Do give this pork satay a try the next time you’re in the area. Definitely a tummy treat!

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  1. there is less than 5 stalls of this pork satay left in penang…used to be my gran’s fav..i prefer the peanut sauce though.hehe.

  2. nkotb – i think this is quite unique. so..do give it a try when you’re in pulau tikus area.

    ealyshea – oh..for peanut sauce, you can try the pork satay at pulau tikus market at nite. next to the lok lok stall.

    kenny – oh yes i love my pork! please accept my membership to Babitarians Anonymous!

    litte inbox – yeah..do let me know if you get a chance to try it!

    lots of cravings – heehee..does sound like we’re in bangkok no? especially since in the next road paralel to this one, there’s a siamese temple..

    durianberry – go go go! 🙂 if you need directions, feel free to drop me an email.

  3. Talking about satay, I’ve come across one of the best Malay satay in town, in fact they have a chain now called Al Basri. They have many types of meat – rabbit, deer, ostrich, chicken, beef, kangaroo and horse. Their satay size is huge, very worth it. Chicken cost RM0.80 and the rest Rm1. Ketupat is RM1.Contact them at 019-4100080 or 012-4100080 to ask where about their shop is. I tried the one at Paya Terubong. Yummy! Soft n not over grill.

  4. yum yum, do not know of this shop, open in the morning right, usually have pork satay at night at the Pulau Tikus Pasar you mention, the pork intestine ones

  5. bryan – thanks for the recommendation! being the huge satay fan that i am, i will definitely go look for this malay satay! 🙂

    snapshots – hi! yes this uncle is open in the morning. good luck finding him! if you need further directions, feel free to email me lingzie@gmail.com

  6. i heard tat penang near paya terubong there got hawker stall sell pork satay and oso roti babi real tradisional hainamese ….near lee rubber

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