Murtabak & Nasi Tomato @ Jalan Sungai Pinang

Written by Lingzie

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One of my dad’s favourite foods is ‘roti canai’. He loves the protein amped version of roti canai (murtabak) just as much!

Recently, dad told us about this place he discovered that serves really good murtabak. Excitedly he brought us to Jalan Sungai Pinang, and we parked the car on the roadside along the busy road. Located opposite the Proton Edar service center, is a quaint Malay house with two stalls in front. One stall offers piping hot nasi tomato, while the operator at the other stall is busy flipping out stacks and stacks of murtabak.

Nasi Tomato

Nasi Tomato

We ordered ayam ros to go with the nasi tomato. It was pretty good, the curry gravy slightly sweet instead of spicy.

Ayam ros

Ayam ros

We savoured the nasi tomato with the chicken while waiting patiently for the murtabak which looked really promising. Our patience was soon rewarded….



Lots of ‘bawang’ (onions) to go with the murtabak…

Fresh onions

Fresh onions

Dhall curry & 'Ros Sirap'

Dhall curry &'Ros Sirap'

The Dhall curry was nice and thick. Perfect for drenching the murtabak in! We tried the beef murtabak which was really meaty and filled with onions. Very delectable as we had it hot off the pan.

Beef murtabak

Beef murtabak

We noticed the place had a steady stream of visitors despite the fact that it was almost 3pm! This is perhaps because the stall only opens around 1.30pm and is usually sold out by about 5pm.

This stall is located along Jalan Sungai Pinang, opposite Proton Edar Service Centre.

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  1. ck lam says:

    I visited this place in March and at that time,they did not serve Murtabak. I just had the nasi tomato and it was good.

    Looks like its time for a revisit to try out the Murtabak 🙂

  2. allie says:

    I luv murtabak. Used to eat them when I was at my hometown. Miss it lol…
    Must go try this one d… 🙂

  3. little inbox says:

    You remind me the nasi tomato. During uni time, there’s a cafe at hostel, where we used to dined in for a Malay uncle’s nasi tomato. Hs sells average nasi tomato with a nice drumstick, and it is very cheap! Just costs for RM1.60.

  4. wat a thick murtabak..during the puasa season..was hankering for one bcoz i kept seeing the pictures..but never got around to eating one..

    now thats the craze has died down, my hankering is starting again!

  5. Little Inbox: RM1.60? So cheap? How long ago was this? Oh for the days of affordable makan… These days lunch can cost me over RM10 easy… 🙁

    Lingzie: Major murtabak craving have I now. I blame you, hehe.

  6. email2me says:

    Too bad the onions are not pickled. Those that pickled till pinkish color are the bomb!

  7. J2Kfm says:

    jln sg pinang. is it near the dirty river there?

    and little inbox: the nasi tomato you mentioned, was it the Aman Damai cafeteria? =)

    when I was in USM, we used to eat there too.

  8. lingzie says:

    ck lam – i enjoyed the nasi tomato too! the murtabak really good. nice and thick. lots of ‘liu’:)

    allie – cant wait to see your post about it after you’ve tried!

    little inbox – wow!! rm1.60?!! ah…uni days…cheap and good food!

  9. lingzie says:

    lots of cravings – oh… i apologize for reigniting that craving for murtabak 😛

    life for beginners – quick! go to the nearest roti canai stall and order one! its we love murtabak week! 🙂

    email2me – yeah! my dad loves the pickled ones too. but fresh ones also can la. me..i stay away from the onions at all cost!

    J2Kfm – yes its near the river, sg pinang. the dirty polluted one. but no worries, this stall is quite a distance from the river. 🙂

  10. wow…..the nasi tomato looks great and also the murtabak.

  11. I’m drawn to the nasi tomato and ayam ros. Not so much the murtabak… after a bout of food poisoning from food fair murtabak when I was a kid, I’ve never looked at them the same way again :-S

  12. QuaChee says:

    wow love the fresh onions! 🙂

  13. haha..nice combination. I think I have no problems woofing down both the nasi tomato and murtabak. Looks delicious!

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