By Invitation: Karaikudi Restaurant at Market Street, Little India

Written by Lingzie

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My family and I eat regularly at Karaikudi (Hillside) Restaurant, but we’ve never gone to the original outlet at Market Street. I’ve always enjoyed the food there which serves Chettinad cuisine and immediately said yes when the invitation came in from PenangTuaPui. I was excited to see what the original outlet had to offer! The menu for the night mainly focused on South Indian cuisine and we were told that the food is cooked fresh everyday!


First up to whet our appetite was a Chettinad style Vegetable Soup (RM3).  It was a light clear soup with cauliflower, carrots and french bean. The soup was a great start to the meal! We were told that the soup had a yellow tinge due to the use of dhall.

k3Next up was Bitter Gourd Chips (RM6). This was a surprise as it was sliced really thin and crispy to the taste! I’m not a big fan of bitter gourd though cos I don’t like the bitterness and this was plenty bitter!

k4The Squid Fry (RM8) was dish I really enjoyed. Squids are very easy to overcook. But there was no sign of hard rubbery squids here. Even after it cooled down substantially from all the photography, the squids were still nice and tender.

k5Meanwhile, the chicken cutlet (RM6 for 2 pieces larger than the photo above) is easily my favourite appetizer of the lot. The cutlets were very flavorful thanks to the generous use of spices with a slight tinge of heat to it. And there were also very soft with a slight crisp edge. I would definitely order this again!


The luciously thick Mango Lassi (RM4 - comes in a bigger glass than the photo)

k8The Ladies Finger Pepper Fry (RM7) was an instant hit! The ladies fingers were finely chopped and had a surprising chewy texture. The generous but not overboard use of black pepper gives the dish its zing. I’ve never had ladies fingers cooked in such a delicious manner!

k15The Kadai Vegetable (RM9) was an assorted vegetable dish cooked in a rich slightly spicy gravy. I tasted beancurds, tomatoes and lots of button mushrooms in the dish. We were told that Kadai is the big vessel that is being used to cook the dish, hence the name.

k10The Mutton Chukka Varuval (RM18) is another one of Karaikudi’s specialities. This turned out to be the spiciest dish of the night. But I loved it! The mutton pieces were scrumptiously tender and very well marinated with spices. I wouldn’t hesitate to order this again as I found it paired very well with naan bread.

k12Next was the Chettinad Potato Masala (RM6) which was a mild dish. It would go well with the spicy mutton dish too! I liked the fact that the potatoes here were not too mushy so there was still a bite to it.

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  1. allie says:

    THe Ladies Finger Pepper Fry caught my attention! But I thought it’s suppose to be crispy? How come chewy? Hehe…

    allie´s last blog post..Penang Food | New Recipe Frog Porridge

  2. allie, i think the bitter gourd would be my first pick before the main! lol!

    Big Boys Oven´s last blog post..

  3. Criz Lai says:

    I love the food here… second round?? 😛


  4. The foods look delicious. It is good to know that they serves some non-spicy stuff too. Thats mean I can bring along my gal to try it out. lol

    FoOd PaRaDise´s last blog post..New Garden Seafood @ Relau, Penang

  5. ck lam says:

    Looking at your photos makes me hungry…miss the mutton and the brownie…haha

    ck lam´s last blog post..Invited Review – Restaurant Karaikudi

  6. email2me says:

    Wah … what a feast you all got there. All the naans look lovely.

    email2me´s last blog post..Bangkok Wasabe, Thai Street Food at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara

  7. wah, bitter gourd chips, interesting. I am not a fan of bitter gourds too lol. It’s more like emm.. food for old people? 😛 One day if I grow old I might love it lol. I seriously need to visit more Indian eateries.. finding myself quite out of touch with Indian food 🙂

    vk photography´s last blog post..Tandoori Chicken

  8. allie says:

    BBO, bitterness will shun me away 😛

    allie´s last blog post..Penang Food | New Recipe Frog Porridge

  9. Ooh, I *heart* mutton varuval… the spicier the better since I’m a true-blue anak Melaka. 😀

    When I datang bervisit-an @Penang, this would be a great place to drop by hor? *hints, hints* 😉

    Life for Beginners´s last blog post..The Most Happiest Girl in the World

  10. lk says:

    I am a big of Northern Indian food. Luv the squid fry and mango lassi! The ladies finger pepper fries sounds interesting. 😉

    lk´s last blog post..Sui kow (??) – Featured recipe for Rasa Malaysia

  11. cariso says:

    I love the chewy ladies fingers! 🙂 It’s good to see that you love nearly every dish of them!

    cariso´s last blog post..Korea Palace BBQ Restaurant

  12. buzzingbee says:

    I enjoyed the ladies fingers too.
    You must be an expert in Indian food, since you frequent to a lot of Indian eateries.

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