Young Heart’s Mid Autumn Special Reunion Package (4pax)

yh8To me, the core of Young Heart’s business are these dumplings (‘jiao zi’) for they started off with these delicious little morsels. They currently offer 5 different types of ‘jiao zi’ (steamed dumplings). And for the Reunion Package, all 5 varieties are offered (2 pieces of each variety)


Condiments for the dumplings…

yh10The 5 different types of dumplings – Fish & Water Chestnut, Cabbage & Pork, Pumpkin & Pork, Spinach & Pork and Prawn, pork and scallop. Out of the 5, my favourites include the cabbage & pork  and the prawn, pork and scallop. The fish dumpling deserves special mention too as there was thankfully no ‘fishy’ smell, and the water chestnuts gave the dumpling a lovely crunchy bite!


Next, we tried the Soup of the Day which was a Green Papaya and Spare Ribs soup. The soup was delicious! Clear and sweet. Definitely soothing to the soul especially on a rainy day! We were told that the soups are boiled over charcoal fire. The soup had me wanting seconds!

yh16Next, the 3+1 Cup chicken which Young Heart prepares according to their own in house recipe. It’s a lighter version of the 3 Cup chicken that I’m more used to in other Chinese restaurants.

yh12The Orange Pork Chop is perhaps my favourite dish of the night! I love its zesty tangy flavor delicately infused into the meat. Best of all, the pork chop is tender and flavorful. A must try!

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