Hainanese Delights – Bringing Back Nostalgic Recipes

Written by Lingzie

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Another very popular Hainanese Pie is the Chicken Pie. Although I do remember having this as a kid, I cannot really remember the taste. For this pie usually needs to be pre-ordered. Same thing applies here at Hainanese Delights. Why the pre-ordering? So that the chefs have ample time to painstakingly make the delicious pastry crust.


Lifting up the buttery pastry reveals a chicken based filling that’s so creamy it should be made illegal! Cubes of chicken, pototoes, mushrooms and carrots all coated with this devilishly evil creamy buttery white sauce.


Hainanese Chicken Pie (RM25) – perfect for Christmas. Perfect for New Year. Heck, it’s perfect for any other meal actually 😛


Another one of Hainanese Delights’ signature dishes is their Braised Lamb with ladies fingers (RM36). This dish is absolutely divine! The lamb is soft with just the right amount of gamey-ness. Eaten with a dark sauce and onion dip. If you like lamb, I would highly recommend this dish! One thing to note though is that this dish also requires advance order!


At the end of our first meal at Hainanese Delights, the owner Mr Wong, asked if we would like to try their Hainanese Coffee. My dad immediately said no (cos he doesn’t drink coffee and doesn’t like its aroma. Weird, I know :P)

But I said yes. And so I was served their Hainanese Coffee with Bake of the Day (RM8), Mr Wong tells me he uses Weasel coffee and roasts the beans on his own. I am no coffee connoisseur, but I like what I was served. And I LOVED the home made biscotti. It’s thicker than the ones usually served in other cafes. But it is still crunchy and most importantly packed with almonds!

The Hainanese Coffee comes with foamed milk but you can request for it to be served ‘black’ and the bake of the day is usually home made biscotti. Though sometimes it can be Cheese Cake or curry puff.


I was lucky enough to get to try the Cheese Cake. And I must say that I’ve never encountered a cheese cake quite like this. More of a  light sponge cake torted with cream and topped with crusty cheese (much like the cheese buns we get at the bakery). Interesting!

From my various visits to Hainanese Delights since its opening about a month ago, my family and I have remained steadfast fans. Here’s to more nostalgic recipes by Hainanese Delights!

Essential Facts:

Hainanese Delights Restaurant

1926 Heritage Hotel,

227 Burmah Road,

10050 Penang.

Tel: 04-226 1926

Opening hours: 11.30-3.00pm (Lunch) & 6.00pm-10.00pm(Dinner)

Currently opened Monday-Sunday

Signature dishes/must trys : Chicken Pie, Braised Lamb with Ladies Fingers, Macaroni Pie, Choon Piah, Assam Fish Curry, Hainanese Coffee with Bake of the Day.

*Items in bold & italic needs 12 hours advance order

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  1. ck lam says:

    My next visit to this restaurant will be having the Assam Fish Curry & Assam Prawns 🙂
    .-= ck lam´s last blog ..Hainanese Delights Restaurant @ 1926 Heritage Hotel Penang =-.

  2. J2Kfm says:

    Very classic indeed. YOu know, back then when this hotel was closed down, I had a heavy heart, for I stayed here before and I found that the place reeks of nostalgia.
    .-= J2Kfm´s last blog ..Ipoh Street Snacks – Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fah, Happy Fried Dough & Tong Sui Kai Desserts =-.

  3. not a bad place to dine! 🙂 wish you where here too! 🙂
    .-= Big Boys Oven´s last blog ..Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year from Big Boys Oven =-.

  4. NKOTB says:

    I will be the same as CK, my next visit will be on the Assam Fish Curry & the Assam Prawns!! The other makan gathering was a fun one!
    .-= NKOTB´s last blog ..Fun Tea Garden =-.

  5. Little Inbox says:

    Inchee Kay Bin is Hainanese cuisine? I thought it is Nyonya cuisine.
    .-= Little Inbox´s last blog ..Sakae Teppanyaki @ Auto-City =-.

  6. Jason Wong says:

    I guess you & Ck had lots to eat there and then. Have to wait for more reviews to be sure before we set foot there.
    .-= Jason Wong´s last blog ..Tang Yuan @ Young Heart Restaurant =-.

  7. cariso says:

    Hehe, I am going to mark this down in my food hunting list. 🙂
    .-= cariso´s last blog ..Christmas Lunch Party 2009 =-.

  8. taufulou says:

    weii..you guys where can post so fast 1..

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