Sri Weld Food Court @ Beach Street

Written by Lingzie

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One of my favourite places to go to for Nasi Lemak (the cheap wrapped in banana leaf type) is Sri Weld Food Court along the busy Beach Street. The Nasi Lemak Ali there is located right at the front of the hawker centre and what makes it so excellent is the fiery hot sambal!

Every time I eat it, I will need to have a glass of water on standby next to me, to douse my burning tongue. But I love it all the same because the sambal is just to fragrantly yummy!

I recently visited Sri Weld Food Court again and noticed that Nasi Lemak Ali now retails at RM1.20 a packet for the ‘bilis telur’ (anchovies and egg) variety. It used to be only RM1! Also, they now have the fish and prawns variety (RM1.50 and RM1.80).

Nasi Lemak Ali

After tasting it again after a long while, I noticed that the sambal isn’t so hot anymore! Maybe they’ve gotten feedback from their customers and changed the recipe a lil’. But thankfully it still tastes good!

Another favourite of mine which is no stranger to many, is the famous Beef Koay Teow soup. Big bowls of koay teow (either soup or dried) with lots and lots of beef slices, beef balls and intestines (I usually tell the man not to give me this as I’m not of fan of them).

Beef Koay Teow

A ‘small’ bowl (which is pretty big in my opinion) will set you back RM6. You also have a choice to substitute the koay teow for rice. This beef koay teow is similar to the stall along Perak Road.

Beef Koay Teow2

Some claim that the stall in Perak Road is better but I honestly can’t taste the difference.

So the next time you find yourself along Beach Street, do drop by for some really good nasi lemak and beef koay teow. Sri Weld Food Court currently also provides free Wifi service and is also home to many many other hawker stalls.

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  1. Elsie says:

    Time to hunt for the new best Nasi Lemak in town. I honestly felt the one at Sri Weld has lost much of its spice and coconuty punch the last time I tried it.

  2. Nicholas says:

    Yeah yeah, I love the nasi lemak. Every time I go to the Jing Si Books Cafe to do my study with my friends during exam that time, sure will go to Sri Weld to eat the Nasi Lemak one. Never know the beef koay teow is nice, must go try somedays.

  3. Corsaro says:

    Right…..I am hunting high and low for the MYR1/= Nasi Lemak here in KL (good one)…….now I have you drive all the way to Png for it…..*cry*

  4. coketai says:

    Ah Hah!!! This is the tow must eat dishes whenever I drop by HSBC to do my banking ! The beef noodle so far can’t find any one better then them, I must have two plate of their chilli sauce to go with the noodle….The nasi lemak…can’t resist, must have double when I buy!!!

    Hai!!! When I got to sample them again.?????????????


  5. Hi Lingzie, … your blog was being distributed widely via email… saw your posting on Mizi Bistro… I was proudly introduce my friends to read more of your blog, cuz, we can find good food there. 😀

  6. zewt says:

    1.20 for that kinda nasi lemak… a bit expensive right?

  7. vkeong says:

    I came to this place once.. but sadly none of my photos were usable since I was still a noob with dSLR that time.. sad

  8. Best says:

    yes Penang does offer good food, have try the Nasi Lemak at Cafe 78, Penang Road, same row with Cititel Hotel, The rendang chicken and beef seems very good and not pricey, so next time around there give it a shot, hope you like and enjoy .

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