Toh Soon’s Roti Bakar & Kampung Malabar Curry Mee

Written by Lingzie

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Long ago I heard whispers of this fabulous roti bakar in Campbell Street… but being creatures of habit, I soon forgot about it as I went about old habits, eating at the same ol’ familiar places. Until I was reminded again by PenangTuaPui’s excellent post about Toh Soon’s Roti Bakar.

This time, I told myself, no matter what, must go!

So, one Sunday morning, I suggested to my family to go there for breakfast. But alas, as we drove past, we saw that the place was closed. We were all visibly disappointed, after I had regaled the rest of the family with tales of nostalgia inducing, authentic charcoal toasted bread topped with delicious melt in your mouth kaya.

We tried our luck again on weekday morning and much to our delight, it was opened! I was so excited I could pop! (Yes, I love my roti bakars very much)

Quickly we ordered, from the various types of bread they had available.

We had the bread toasted with kaya…

Toh Soon Roti Bakar - kaya

The chocolate bread…

Toh Soon Chocolate Bread

And the roti bakar with kaya and butter…

Toh Soon Roti Bakar - kaya butter

They also have a healthier option of whole wheat bread. My favourite out of the 3 is the one with plain kaya. Which is surprising since I almost never pass up anything with butter on it 😛

Of course, we did not forget our half boiled eggs…

Toh Soon Half Boiled Eggs

The breakfast was satisfying enough for me. But dad was still a bit hungry. Since we parked the car at Kampung Malabar and walked over to the small ‘lorong’ (lane) which houses Toh Soon Cafe, we spotted this curry mee stall.

Dad wondered if the curry mee man would bring over a bowl of curry mee to ‘someone else’s territory’. And since we were seated right at the end of Toh Soon Cafe’s lorong, I decided to give it a go and walked over to ask the curry mee man.

He happily obliged and a short while later we were presented with this…

Kampung Malabar Curry Mee

Looks really yummy right? And it was! I loved it. The soup was thick and ‘lemak’ and there were strips of chicken meat in it too.  After finishing the curry mee, I felt bad to just leave the bowl there, so I took it back to the curry mee man, who told me ‘beh yau keen, ka tan wa ki giah tou eh liao’ (loosely translated from Hokkien – Nevermind, later I go and take can already)

This is the stall where we ordered the Curry Mee from –

Kampung Malabar Curry Mee stall

This kopitiam is along Kampung Malabar (the road next to Campbell Street). Right next to the Curry Mee stall is the small lane that leads to Toh Soon Cafe.

Scrumptious roti bakar and rich Curry Mee – a real good combo indeed!

Toh Soon Cafe is opened from 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

I forgot to ask the Curry Mee stall his opening hours. Must do that the next time.

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  1. Don’t you just love Malaysian breakfasts? If we’re not satisfied, we just walk over to another stall or shop and start all over again! 😀

  2. I personally like the roti bakar. It’s great to have two yummy type of food in the same lane.

  3. Isabelle says:

    I just love the half boil eggs… it has been months i didn’t eat it.. *slurps*

  4. I havent been to Kampung Malabar for a long long time. Thanks for reminding me of this palace. They use to sell pork porridge and satay at night which were very good. I wonder if there are still there. As for Toh Soon, it’s a great place for breadfast not just for the toast but the atmosphere. I just love to see them squatting and toasting the toast over charcoal.

  5. hahah sounds like our next stop to be when we are in Penang this coming September!

  6. hmmm…. looks like I must jot down all these places once my ‘pantang’ lifted. 🙂

  7. lingzie says:

    life for beginners – oh you are so right! best thing is the back to back yummy food!

    ck lam – yes i do love this roti bakar. but alas today is sunday….no open. 🙁

    isabelle – time to make a visit this place then! 🙂

    fortesfidelis – i think the pork porridge is still there at nite. and yes its a real treat seeing the charcoal oven!

    BBO – hehe… you will sure eat, eat and eat until wanna pengsan with so many good places for food here! 😛

    NKOTB – hey make a trip to the island after your ‘pantang’ lifted, we take you on a one day makan spree! hehe

  8. I love the Toh Soon stall! Oh how I fondly recall those blissful days of being unemployed, when breakfasting at 10am at Toh Soon on a Wednesday was the norm! 2 half boiled eggs, kaya toast and one cup of black coffee and I’d be all set!

  9. little inbox says:

    Fuyoh, a bowl of curry mee comes after the roti bakar? Super satisfying hor?

  10. PenangTuaPui says:

    haha… finally u had make a trip there…

    i believe after you review on them… their business will be very good liao lo..

    later we need to get longer queue….

  11. gill gill says:

    ermmm…i and jason just had the curry mee this morning, and we felt the soup taste was blend. although the owner using chicken soup as base and it is thicker then the others curry mee, but i cant taste the aroma of it. btw, the chili is superb mild, you can add 2 big spoonful of it and still “tak ada rasa”…haha

  12. Richie says:

    This one os the best!! hehe

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