Tarbush Lebanese Cuisine Arrives in Penang!

Written by Lingzie

Topics: Batu Ferringhi, Lebanese/Arabic Food

I have always like Tarbush. Having patronized their outlets in Bukit Bintang. So it was to my utter delight when I found out that Tarbush has finally expanded to our sunny shores of Penang!

Tarbush by night

Tarbush by night

Having opened its doors in June, I only had a chance to dine there recently after much persuasion on my part since my family members do not really fancy Lebanese cuisine. But perhaps that’s because they haven’t actually tried it! 😛


One thing you will immediately notice about Tarbush’s outlet in Penang is that the place is simply breathtaking!


Upstairs seating

Located at Batu Feringghi, the restaurant overlooks the sea and having a seat upstairs will enable you to enjoy your dinner while watching the sunset. 🙂


The interior is lush and rich, done up in deep reds and lots of wood.


Another beautiful element of design are the abundant tiles imported from Syria which adorn the tabletops and floors.


My family left most of the ordering to me and so I ordered away with glee.

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  1. wow… the interior is nice and also the foods. Salads and also the grilled stuff. Yummy!

  2. J2Kfm says:

    read this in Star Metro previously and wondering whether Tarbush has been in Penang all along.

    thanks. is it spelled hommus or hummus? tasted that in a buffet spread once, not bad.
    very flavourful Lebanese food.

  3. This is soooo EXCITING for Penang!! Nothing gets me more worked up then tabbouleh, hummus, the whole Middle Eastern works! And the location is gorgeous! I didn’t think there was any more land available along that stretch!

    • Lingzie says:

      yay!! i found me another lebanese food fan! we should go together the next time you’re back. i also didn’t think there was anymore land there…and i can’t remember what used to be on that plot of land before tarbush!

  4. ck lam says:

    Interesting menu…thanks for sharing this new outlet.

  5. Duckie says:

    is it beside The Ship? I’ve seen this place .. but never thought of trying. thanks for sharing .. now with an idea of how the food is, i can consider going.

    • Lingzie says:

      hi duckie! i think it’s worth trying to see if it suits your tastebuds. they do have a menu online on their website too so you can have a look at that for more ideas on what they serve.

  6. mimid3vils says:

    Been to Tarbush at KL once, not really fancy the food there 😛

    • Lingzie says:

      yeah i guess it’s really not for everyone. after trying it out, my parents still didn’t really like it although my brother and i did!

  7. foodbin says:

    great place and i love parsley!

  8. cariso says:

    Wow! another new cuisine to try out!

  9. buzzingbee says:

    have never tried lebanese cuisine before!
    very nice environment and food looks very unique!!

    • Lingzie says:

      i just noticed after leaving tarbush that there is another lebanese restaurant right opposite. i think cos there are more tourists up in batu ferringhi. want to try that place next…. but need to cari kaki first. 😛

  10. food-4tots says:

    Lebanese food is new to me. I am very impressed with their interior decoration especially the imported tiles. 😉

    • Lingzie says:

      i love the tiles too!! but my mom pointed out that it may be difficult to clean the table tops cos of the crevices and uneven surface. she has a point so hopefully they clean them thoroughly!

  11. jessica says:

    is there a dress code for this restaurant?
    it looks fancy.
    what are you suppose to wear there?

    • Lingzie says:

      hi jessica! i didn’t see a dress code posted up in the restaurant. i guess anything smart casual would be fine. we were in jeans, bermudas and t-shirts. i was wearing my flip flops! i think in general, penang’s pretty laidback and casual when it comes to dress code.

  12. i like tarbush but naab wil alws be my fav 😉

    • Lingzie says:

      ooo i’ve heard abt naab..real fancy place! haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. would love to someday. 🙂

  13. Sighs… With that kinda view, everything just tastes that lil bit better, yes? 🙂

  14. Chin says:

    They are here to stay! Mediterranean food style? Nice salad and dips.

  15. Alan says:

    My first exposure to Lebanese cuisine is when I was studying Ainstralia. I fell in love with “Tak Boleh”. I love it as it is or spread it all over my Donna Kebab and Shish Kebab….Yummy

    I will go visit the restaurant and get my fix of Tabouleh soon

  16. Hi Lingzie

    Thanks for leaving a link to my blog post on Tarbush at the end of your review. I was really excited when Tarbush finally opened and jumped at the first opportunity to try the food. I am very sure that I will be back to Tarbush for many times to come whenever I need a fix for Arabic and Lebanese cuisine 😉

    As for the other Lebanese restaurant you saw i.e. Fruit of Lebanon, the food was quite good and worth a try as well (see my review at: http://my-food-fetish.blogspot.com/2009/03/fruit-of-lebanon-restaurant.html) 🙂

  17. Nura says:

    Hi there,
    I’m really thrilled by the photos you took of our Tarbush Penang. Please drop me an email coz there are a few things that I would like to communicate with you.

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