Birthday Meme!

Meme time again! Received this meme from KeeYit So how does it work? 1. Go to Wikipedia 2. Type in your birthday and search 3. From the results, list down 3 events, 2 births and 1 holiday. On the day of my birth (October 30th)…..these three events (wah so many events dunno which one to […]

Which Tarot Card Are You?

I have this thing for tarot card readings, numerology and such… so when I saw this on SweetPea’s blog, I just had to do it!! So which tarot card am I? You are The Wheel of Fortune Good fortune and happiness but sometimes a species of intoxication with success The Wheel of Fortune is all […]

How Vain Are You?

Did this silly fun quiz I read from 5Xmom’s site…cos I’m bored even though I know there’s this report sitting there waiting for me to read it and make some sense of it…. So yes, apparently I am, quite the vain pot…coming in at 73% just 1% behind 5Xmom! You Are 73% Vain You’re a […]

Bruised Ego

My ego took a mega huge blow today. It’s easy to live in denial, to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear on something unpleasant. And so sometimes, when someone says something to you thats so very blunt yet so very true, it’s hard to accept. Especially when it touches on something so sensitive […]