Macau Street Foods

3. Portugese Egg Tarts!!!

Alas, we didn’t go to Coloane for Lord Stow’s portugese egg tarts. But we did try the ones from 2 bakeries. These bakeries or ‘pastelaria’ have sooo many branches, they can be found practically on every street!


Pastelaria Koi Kei near St Paul’s Ruins. When we got there, it was drizzling, which hampered our photo taking efforts. So, we did the next best thing…. eat! (and this was after a filling buffet breakfast mind you!)


Fresh portugese egg tarts, hot out of the oven! Bliss!! MOP6 each. (quite expensive actually)


Cute display of portugese egg tarts, opposite Pastelaria Koi Kei near St Paul’s Ruins. MOP10 for 3 tarts, but these were visibly smaller.


Pastelaria Choi Heong Yuen (also opposite Koi Kei). The place was just jammed packed with stores selling egg tarts, almond biscuits and pork chop buns!


Choi Heong Yuen’s portugese egg tarts were also MOP6 each. I personally prefered Koi Kei’s – it had a slightly sweeter egg custard and less oily crust. Though the difference was very slight.

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  1. Lo mai fan looks really good, 2molo steam lo mai fan :). But the pic show that the steamer containing lo mai fan got holes with it right, why the rice never drip off into the hot water?

  2. Oh wow! those fishballs look awesomely yummy! =) Ever since I watched Boys over flower Kdrama – I want to go to Macau! heheh the drama promoted Macau really good! haha x

  3. I would like to learn how to make different kind of balls sell on the street of Macao, near Senado Square (Pork, beef, fish balls). I would like to cook it for my family. Hope you can help me.

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