Jelly Cake Available in Penang!

Other than the cupcake and doughnut craze that has swept the nation, another special type of cake has been quietly making waves though mostly in the Klang Valley.

If you’ve been to Pavillion, 1 Utama and Ikano, you may have spotted these colorful layered cakes in all shapes and sizes. Children are especially fond of them as these cakes come in popular cartoon characters like Lightning Mc Queen of Cars and Barbie dolls and more. Adults like them too, as a jelly cake is deemed healthier and more refreshing.


I remember a friend who loved these jelly cakes so much that she had bought one from KL and drove back with it for her son’s birthday!

Well, Penangites who would like to try these jelly cakes won’t have to drive all the way to KL to get them now. For I have recently discovered a lady who makes them from her home in Bukit Mertajam.


This particular jelly cake was gifted to me by a dear friend for my birthday last month. So I don’t know how much it costs. But I can tell you that the jelly cake has a light refreshing taste of pandan with a texture similar to our local ‘agar-agar’. And its really pretty don’t you think? 🙂 I have tried Q Jelly’s version some time last year and found Q Jelly to be a bit softer and less sweet but without the pandan flavor.

I am told that the lady Ms Chan is based in Bukit Mertajam and for this particular cake she did deliver it to my friend’s house (near Botanical Gardens). For more information on these home made jelly cakes (pricing, deliver charges, design, flavors etc) please contact Ms Chan at 012-5513868

FYI, I just gave her a call and she tells me she will be away from Nov 20-28 and yes she does deliver to Penang island. 🙂


  1. Wow! thanks for the info. I always wonder where to get one, because I saw a lots of other mummies blog with jelly cake for their children birthday, but they are all in KL areas.

    1. You should try to contact Ms Chan at this number (012-5513868) provided by Lingzie. I have tried it and am sure you will not regret it

  2. Call Ms Chan at the number provided and ordered the jelly cakes. Wow….. it really tastes real good and the aroma as described by Lingzie. Furthermore, the price is very much cheaper than the ones from KL

  3. i m interested in this jelly art too. wonder if you have managed to learn it. pse share with me your experience. i am from pj – 03-7710 3248 (office)

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