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Chinese New Year Pineapple Tarts Recipe

25 January 2010


The blogosphere seems to be abuzz with Pineapple tarts! What with Chinese New Year a mere 3 weeks away! In fact, Food4Tots was also making them almost the same time I was, so we launched into a long discussion about them, exchanging tips and stories. 🙂 My family and I love this delicious, addictive tart […]

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Deep Fried Butter Oats Prawn Recipe for Chinese New Year

21 January 2009


I know I’ve been guilty of neglecting this blog lately. How time flies when you’re caught up in a whirlwind of activity and when you’re having fun! The first gust of wind came when I decided, that this year, I would cook Chinese New Year reunion dinner! ~faints~ I had no idea what came over […]

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My CNY in photos…

16 February 2008


Whew… have disappeared for more than a week! So time to quit bumming around, get over the holiday mood and get back to blogging! 🙂 Over the Chinese New Year, a the tour guide from Southeast Asia Travel Blog sent me an email, asking about the typical types of food one would eat during the […]

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My Top Picks for Chinese New Year Dinners

1 February 2008


As Chinese New Year draws nearer (its less than a week away!) there will be a mad dash to the malls and supermarkets for last minute shopping (for clothes, gifts, cooking ingredients etc) Many will also be slaving away in their kitchens preparing CNY goodies. But for those of you like me who eat out, […]

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