Lunch@ Macau Restaurant near Grand Lisboa Casino

mcr8While browsing the menu, I spotted Deep Fried Bacalhau Cakes which I read were a Portugese specialty. Bacalhau’s are actually dried salted codfish. The waitress described it as being similar to our version of salted fish. The Deep Fried Bacalhau cakes are made up of mashed potatoes with salty minced bacalhau. I tasted more potatoes than the salted fish, and we did not find it very appetizing.


Luckily, our next dish was much better! It was a humongous sizzling pot of beancurd and roasted pork (MOP78). Flavoured with lots of garlic and onions, the roasted pork had just the right amount of caramelization and crunch to it, while the beancurd was silky smooth!

mcr10We dug in wholeheartedly with yet another bowl of rice!

It was definitely a winning dish! We spied the next table of 4 patrons sharing two sizzling pots of goodies. 🙂

Ribena with Lemon
Ribena with Lemon

Macau Restaurant has a few branches scattered around Macau. I forgot to take down the address of this restaurant, but I think its located along Avenida de Lisboa. Its walking distance from Grand Lisboa Casino. Opening hours 8am-2am.



  1. haha … surprisingly, i had a meal at Macau restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. =P

    they’re everywhere i guess.

  2. email2me – got correct way and wrong way of eating nandos one meh? you must enlighten me one of these days! lol

    allie – hmmm you’re quite right. the food i ate there also quite salty

    precious pea – thanks for the tip! will keep that in mind for future trips!

    J2Kfm – wow! they’re in tsim sha tsui too? how was your meal?

  3. CK – i think kim gary here also has that ribena with lemon drink, though i havent tried it! 🙂

    550ml jar of faith – yup we definitely went into pork overload on that trip!

    selba – yes, we definitely enjoyed the food in macau!

    food paradise – im missing the sizzling beancurd and roast pork now too!

  4. alan – the curry tastes about the same but very spicy and its richer in taste (perhaps more santan?)

    mimid3vils – i thought the bacalhau would have pretty strong taste too..but the ones we had here were very mild. in fact, if they hadn’t told us it had bacalhau inside, i would have thought it was just mashed up potatoes!

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