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10 Days Seoul & Jeju Itinerary 2013

4 November 2013


10 Days Seoul & Jeju Itinerary 2013

So I’m back from my Seoul & Jeju escapade! ~sad sniff~ It was a really fun & exciting trip for me, albeit a lil nerve wrecking since this was the first free & easy trip where I mostly took charge of planning the itinerary & booking the accommodations etc. I went with one of my […]

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Canele Pattiserie @ Paragon, Orchard Road, Singapore

14 January 2010


Ever wondered what happens when a Dessert Queen meets Singapore’s well loved Dessert King? A serious over-dose of desserts is what! 😛 Now I adore desserts. Absolutely whole heartedly adore them! So when I arrived in Singapore for an ultra short trip, I almost immediately made a bee line for Canele Pattiserie at Paragon. I […]

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Dinner at a Post Office in Singapore

17 November 2009


During an ultra short trip to Singapore last month, I managed to meet Lady Iron Chef for the first time after being an avid fan of his amazingly drool worthy blog. And coincidentally one of my favourite writers was also in Singapore for a short visit. So we went on a lil food crawl of […]

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My Favourite Food in Macau!

14 June 2009


Finally, the last of my Macau posts… and I definitely saved the best for last. Because this post is dedicated to the food I enjoyed the most in Macau! Anyone care to guess what it is? Regular readers of this blog will know that I have a soft spot for desserts…. and therefore it is […]

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Macau Street Foods

15 May 2009


Other than dining at Macau’s restaurants and cafes, we also got the chance to sample some of Macau’s street foods! Photos galore so let’s get to it! 1. “Lo Mai Fan”, Porridge and Pork Dumplings (“siew mai”) from random street vendor We were walking from the hotel past Senoda Square when we stumbled upon this […]

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Lunch@ Macau Restaurant near Grand Lisboa Casino

11 May 2009


One of the best things I enjoyed in Macau was of course… the food!! lol As we were walking from our hotel towards Grand Lisboa casino on a windy cold night, we walked past this restaurant. The poster in Mandarin beckoned to us asking ‘Do you want to try Macau cuisine? Then come to Macau […]

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Buffet Breakfast @ Metropole Hotel, Macau

5 May 2009


We very nearly missed our first buffet breakfast at the Metropole Hotel. Because we mistakenly thought that we had to pay MOP40 for the breakfast. So the plan was to find a quick bite to eat near the hotel before starting on our tour of the city. Alas, when we reached the lobby, rain greeted […]

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Authentic Portugese Cuisine @ Solmar Restaurant, Macau

30 April 2009


I’m back!! Macau was indeed fun! The weather was nice and cold, except for that spat of rain on the day we went sight seeing (hence the mad rush to a nearby store to get umbrellas). We walked and walked and walked and walked!! I swear I would never walk so much in the sweltering […]

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China Gourmet Tour Series Part 2 – E-Spring Hotel’s Restaurant @ Cong Hua, Guang Zhou

11 June 2008


When my friends heard I was going on a gourmet tour to China, everyone said ‘oh! then you’ll be eating all the exotic stuff like cockroaches etc’ Well….I didn’t exactly eat cockroaches. But I did eat some pretty exotic stuff! During the dinner at E-Spring Hotel’s in house restaurant, our first dish for the night […]

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Gourmet Tour Series Part 1 – Tai Wing Wah Restaurant (Hong Kong)

2 June 2008


The long awaited photos from my China Gourmet Tour are finally here! To kick things off, I’ll be posting our first dinner of the tour at Tai Wing Wah Restaurant in Hong Kong. We were all very excited because its the very first dinner on the tour. Expectations were high and with our tummies already […]

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